.ME Auction Results – $150,000+ in Sales

Sedo’s  auction in conjunction with the .ME Registry ended this afternoon, and the auction netted $154,178. largest sale was for Cruise.ME, which sold for $28,500, and it was followed by Air.ME, which sold for $10,099. Almost 100 domain names were sold in the auction, which is a pretty stellar sell through rate of just under 50%.

The full auction results are below, although you should note that most auction have not been paid for yet.

Domain name Price (USD)

cruise.me 28500
air.me 10099
malta.me 8100
legal.me 8100
restaurant.me 6618
files.me 5500
japan.me 5269
oil.me 5000
sydney.me 3109
777.me 2900
magazine.me 2459
singles.me 2350
trucks.me 2213
camera.me 2160
lottery.me 2150
cab.me 1900
florist.me 1650
wireless.me 1610
apartments.me 1550
mall.me 1550
melbourne.me 1509
jokes.me 1450
cricket.me 1400
airlines.me 1301
dates.me 1200
electronics.me 1103
losangeles.me 1100
tool.me 1060
boats.me 1000
graduate.me 995
police.me 949
creditcheck.me 901
truck.me 900
luck.me 900
999.me 875
traveling.me 870
private.me 860
traffic.me 859
wines.me 859
dvd.me 800
debt.me 800
commerce.me 759
contactlenses.me 749
wifi.me 709
body.me 700
venturecapital.me 700
culture.me 695
telephone.me 650
personals.me 650
brisbane.me 609
websitehosting.me 600
karaoke.me 600
444.me 575
sap.me 559
rugby.me 559
blue.me 555
555.me 549
datarecovery.me 510
camp.me 509
adoptions.me 499
cellphones.me 499
mathematics.me 499
searchengine.me 499
tunes.me 499
parents.me 499
steel.me 499
yearbook.me 499
dsl.me 499
ratings.me 499
tours.me 499
celeb.me 499
scientist.me 499
ant.me 499
computers.me 499
sofa.me 499
wrestling.me 499
rap.me 499
can.me 499
computer.me 499
webhost.me 499
houses.me 499
skin.me 499
laptop.me 499
camping.me 499
fall.me 499
airline.me 499
trees.me 499
greeting.me 499
way.me 499
winter.me 499
language.me 499
table.me 499
chatroom.me 499
continue.me 499
medication.me 499
seniors.me 499

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Also, keep in mind, these were all the .me domains that didn’t sell during the previous Sedo .ME Registry auctions.

  2. We participated in the auction with a pre-defined budget and it was very competitive. One thing to watch out for is as the auction nears end the system slows slightly so you can miss out on submitting a bid. There were people with deep pockets however it does show that the Sedo marketplace has active buyers.

  3. LOL deep pockets $499 domains, I see crappier names sell more in the newbie auctions, nothing exceptional here, sedo kept sending numerous emails to all their client lists, looks like 2 bloggers alone picked up ten names between them….

  4. IMO, .me does not fit unless it’s a “call to action” keyword, marry.me, date.me, meet.me, love.me, etc.) Good luck to the buyers, hope it works out for them.

    Thanks, Jim

  5. I think it’s a solid sale for Sedo and .ME. First off, these names probably don’t get much type in traffic so there’s likely very little revenue. Secondly, they probably don’t receive many offers either, otherwise they would have been sold. I don’t think there were any can’t miss names here (several good ones though), so basically they made a bit over $100k on names that are probably just sitting and doing nothing. It’s nice to have this kind of cash flow.

  6. @Elliot
    Based on my interpretation of the info on the .me site for their premium unreleased names, they wanted $20K for one or the ability to show a certain level of traffic. Compared to that figure these prices seem low. (Not commentimg on value). I bought one and was a bidder on three more.

  7. Wish I earned the money you guys have. I would have bought more than one. My second month in learning the biz. I love it! Have not sold one yet but I will if I follow the right bunch and utilize my own approach. My wife hopes anyways. I will try and use the one I have for a site as not to clutter the parking garages. You people make the business exciting. I love to read all the stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I was bidding on a couple of .me and the reserve range said $1-$499 however for those domains sitting in the $250 range it would say “Reserve not met”. I thought I won but now I see courtesy of @mikelaw for the official list I see my domain with an * next to it which means I did not meet the reserve. I also tried increasing my bids but then I realized I was only bidding against myself so I stopped not knowing what the reserve really was. I think SEDO for all their “Buy Now” pushing to get people to price domains need to make some modifications to the auctions so that it’s clear what the reserve really is. I would have gladly increased my bid to meet the reserve if I didn’t have to bid against myself to get it there.

  9. Yes, technically but it “feels” like you’re bidding against yourself. Plus the SEDO system counted my bids as separate bids which I feel it should not have. Yes, technically they are individual bids but they came from the same bidder so really I just raised my original bid. I know it sounds like sour grapes because I was unsuccessful and I probably over-thought my strategy but a few hundred dollars in savings on a single domain acquisition is a lot to me personally.

  10. The reserves on this one was $499 for all of them. It was pretty easy to tell just looking at the bids and at what prices they met reserve at.

  11. Hindsight being 20-20 I agree with @johnnie. I over-thought my strategy and tried to be too coy with my bids. Next time I’ll just go for it!

  12. It gives all us (.me) owners a boost, knowing that they are beginning to get noticed, some good prices in the final list.

    I have over 400 (.me) domains and one close to cruise, these are a few of the holiday domains that i think may have future potential.


  13. In my opinion, the dot me auction is an indication that good keyword names hold little value in the dot me extension. Cancels out the so-called dot me movement Meet dot me sellers claimed would take off.

    Or is it that they took advantage of the end-user to stuff their pockets. You can find far better domains in GoDaddy expiring auctions and even on sale. You just have to know how to search their database.

    Domainers should beware to not buy domains just because another person sells an extension. You might get stuck with many domains you can’t sell. Be a smarter investor. Master a niche to gain a competitive edge.

  14. Hi there,

    We won a few good ones including Cruise.me.
    Japan.me, Florist.me, Sydney.me, Melbourne.me, Rugby.me, Cricket.me, Culture.me….. are also now part of our portfolio.
    We have been investing in dot Me domains since day one and so far we are very happy with our investments. The value of the dot Me domains is great as long as you focus on Premiums. We have investment / monetization plans for all of our domains, but we are open to discussion and sometimes we sell, lease and partner with entrepreneurs, brands and investors.
    You can check the rest of our portfolio at

    You can contact us at info@brandslike.me


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