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From the New York Times this past July:

Newburyport and Plum Island, at the mouth of the Merrimack River, combine shops, boutiques and maritime heritage with breathtaking views and beaches. The sea captains of 200 years ago are gone, but in town, the charm of their stately homes and commercial buildings remains.

Newburyport is a great tourist town in Massachusetts that is filled every spring and summer with vacationers. People come to walk along the water, enjoy boating activities, visit the art galleries and antique shops, and eat in the cute cafes and restaurants. There are beautiful homes and the town has a quaint New England feel feel.

My company just acquired and plan to develop it in the coming weeks.

Incidentally, #3 on the NYT list of Northeast getaways is Lowell, Massachusetts.

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Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Elliot:
    The “Google thing” should interest you a great deal. It is an excellent way of gauging the public’s familiarity factor with a GeoDomain. Michael and I use it all the time when considering to buy a name. I was very surprised that Newburyport was that recognized. I would have thought it to be more in the 200,000 range.

  2. I like the name. Tourism, plan and simple. Although, here is my 2 to 3 month prediction.

    “Because I am so busy with and I have decided to sell for something greater than $8,500.”

    And there lies the true beauty of a blog, an active audience of readers, aka buyers!

    • @Michael Carter – Thank and LOL 🙂
      @John BuySellDomains – UML just barely missed out on the NCAA hockey tournament this year. It was fun to follow them during the Hockey East playoffs. I gave the header special treatment over the weekend wishing luck.

      Thanks to others, too.

  3. Nice grab Elliot, I grew up and still live in Massachusetts – that’s a nice one. I also went to college at UMass Lowell and am very surprised to hear that… it sure has come a long way since the early 90’s when it was the cesspool of the state. Kudos to the City of Lowell and the University for all the hard work and investment they have made to turn it around.

  4. congrats elliot, another collection to your network and i think you have learned that you dont need the biggest geo to make it a success! some of your peers run small city names and highly profitable. plus with this being out near your area, i imagaine it being easier then burbank and save on your travel costs(i would hate to pay your traveling expenses and all those weddings, lol)

    congrats and cheers! go out, have a good meal and hit the bar.


  5. Just missed – more like ripped off! If they lost by 2 it might be one thing, but it’s hard to take a 1-0 loss when you DID score a goal. I don’t know if we played that good or if BU played that bad, but BU better step it up and win the NCAA.

    At least we were spared a double or was it triple OT game like we faced in 94/95? in the NCAA’s. Still a great season and a real bummer for the guys of Lowell. They will give Hockey East a real run next year!

    • @Mike Maddaloni – LOL 🙂

      I am not a huge hockey fan any more, but I was a big BU fan several years ago back when Chris Drury, Mike Grier and Jay Pandolfo played – and around the time Travis Roy was paralyzed.

      Actually, my first game was the first sports event held at the Fleet Center. I lucked out and got amazing seats just under the mezzanine. I knew the seats were especially good because Mike Eruzione sat next to us and scouted the first game 🙂

  6. Elliot
    if you dont mind asking names such as this do they have natural traffic or do u expect development + SEO or all to make it work the way you want?

    • @Thunayan

      I don’t think it will have a lot of traffic (maybe 30-40/day) in the spring due to low SE rankings, but I will add more content and hopefully grow it to 200+/- by mid-summer. My focus will be on day trips, short cruises, shopping, and summer/fall events. I will probably monetize it using Adsense at the start and see how it does that way. Eventually I may do direct sales, but I have bigger fish to fry first.

  7. Great buy Elliot. Looking forward to seeing how the development goes.

    Since we got sports fans here, my final 4 is: Louisville, Conn, Pitt, NorthCarolina. Got North Carolina beating Conn in final.

    Thanks, Jim

  8. You didn’t end up with
    I figured for sure you’d have that one.

    Now a horse boarder named Lowell has it.
    Booo to that!


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