French Art of Loving: Sexy Lingerie and a Domain Name


Aubade, a French lingerie designer came up with a captivating and eye-catching marketing campaign that has created a buzz, far beyond the Parisian street where it started. For ten days, a lingerie model danced and pranced in front of a lit up curtain just above street level to attract the attention of the curious who passed by the Paris street below.

On the tenth day, the lovely lady revealed herself and pulled across a second curtain, with the visible domain name, It seems that people *voyeurs* stood on the street with cameras and video cameras to record this fantasy turned reality.

The French Art of Loving website is almost equally captivating. There is an interactive boudoir, and people can click on the dresser drawers to reveal what is in each. IMO, this is a great campaign, and you should see the video and check out their website.


  1. I’m sure they bought the domain from GoDaddy as well. I mean isn’t this similar to GoDaddy’s whole marketing campaign? Get the horny young male IT guy’s juices flowing via sexy ads so they’ll remember to buy domains from GoDaddy. LOL.

  2. Shouldn’t this be called”advertising”? What a creative way of getting attention to the website! How many people actually went to the website and what amount of business did it translate to, though?

  3. This advert was extremely sexy and erotic as most of the passers by at the roadside also probably thought. The idea that a sexy girl would strip to hoards of onlookers every night and create her own voyeur show is something that tittilates a lot of people. She performed her sexy show and then after a while and for the finale she opened the curtain showed herself standing in her sexy lingerie underwear and then closed the window to reveal the company’s logo on the other curtain. Very inventive in sexiness and got a lot of press for a simple voyeuristic idea that almost anyone could have done. Hats off to them for doing it first. It makes me thing what is next though, live sex in the park for a condom manufacturer?

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