Free .Buzz Domain Names Today


It looks like the .Buzz registry is giving a limited amount of .Buzz domain names away for free. The promotion is in honor of the registry’s third birthday, and it also comes on April 20 (4/20), which happens to be unofficially referred to as “Weed Day.”   In a post on the registry’s corporate blog, Bill Doshier announced that “Participating domain name registrars will be offering up to 420 .buzz domain name registrations – free for the first year of registration, during their to-be-announced special sale hours on April 19 through April 21, 2017.” Bill also wrote that “Starting April 18, approximately 34,000 reserved .buzz domain names will be released for general availability.” is also promoting this giveaway on Twitter this morning:

According to, there are 10,653 registered .Buzz domain names. I am interested to see how the release of previously reserved .Buzz domain names and the offer of free domain names will impact this number.

IMO, giving away free domain names can ultimately cause problems if spammers or scammers pick them up and use them.


  1. I guess Bill didn’t get any offers to buy the .BUZZ registry? I recall he tried to sell it in December in a closed auction with Christa Taylor handling the brokerage.

    • It wasn’t priced to go.

      He wanted minimum reserve price of $3,500,000 for a registry with less than 11,000 domains. Today it is possible to register a .buzz domain for $9.99 with Godaddy.

      Where are the mathematics for the valuation.

    • Intrigued by how the .buzz registry thought the valuation of its business was a minimum of $3,500,000, just how do you value a ngtld registry up for sale?

      At the top end there are some ngtld registries with millions of registrations some of which are built by offering domains with special offers of 1cent and then at the bottom end there are registries with just a few hundred or less registrations selling domains for typically around $10 to $50.

      Do you multiply the number of domains by a % of the annual registration charge (because the registrars take a cut and there are running costs and ICANN fees and other costs like marketing etc) and then multiply it by a factor, whatever that factor might be.

  2. No Thanks, they screwed this up royally by reserving everything, they still haven’t got their business plan straight, the buzz has died off, whats the point of getting one for free, it will just be a pain to add, and delete from account in a year. There is no buzz going on out there.

  3. Giving names away is a big mistake at this point, it makes the registry look desperate, although that is probably exactly the situation.

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