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The major news story that has dominated the headlines around the US over the last week or so has been the death of Freddie Gray and the public response  in the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

I was curious to see when/if the domain name was registered by someone, and it looks like this domain name was registered on April 21. The domain name is registered under privacy, so  I do not know who owns

If you visit, you are redirected to a GoDaddy Auctions page where the domain name is listed for sale. Yesterday, the domain name had a buy it now price of  $888. Currently, the listing is a “make offer” listing starting at $99. According to the listing page at the time of publication, the auction landing page has already noted 3,623 views. When I started researching this domain name yesterday, the auction listing had 2,582 views. When I did a Google search to see if anyone had mentioned this domain name, I saw a FreddieGrayCom Twitter handle that may be associated with the domain name.

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Yesterday afternoon, I reached out to the registrant via the privacy email address to ask questions about why he or she registered this domain name and put it up for sale, but I did not hear back as of the time of publication this morning.

It appears that,, and were also registered, but I am not sure if those domain names are registered by the registrant of the .com domain names. Other domain names related to this news event have also been registered during the last week.

It will be interesting to see if anyone purchases the  domain name, and if so, how the domain name will be used.


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