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If you know of someone named Frank Schilling, now might be a good time to let him know that is now for sale. The domain name is now listed for sale with a Uni / GoDaddy purchase inquiry landing page.

Using (a DomainTools service), I can see that it had been parked before but there was no “for sale” link as is common on Uniregistry-parked domain names. It also looks like Frank Schilling had previously used the domain name, possibly as a forwarder to his once popular Seven Mile blog.

Up until recently, had been owned by domain investor Frank Schilling’s Name Administration company, which was acquired by GoDaddy earlier this year. Because of the recent Whois record change at GoDaddy, the only thing I can see is that the registrant is based in Grand Cayman. There is no registrant organization listed in the Whois record, so it is unclear if GoDaddy acquired or if Frank retained this personal domain name.

Whatever the case may be, is now listed for sale, and it would be the perfect domain name for someone named Frank Schilling.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Good, he should of been out years ago. Don’t let the door kick ya…

    This industry of .com’r love seeing the little guy get screwed by the rich. Feed the rich, screw the poor! Hypocrites, liars and shills all up and down the industry.

    I invite you to read the ‘Contract Agreement’ in it you will find:

    “.CHRISTMAS will be a specialty gTLD, with a flat pricing structure and fixed renewal costs, with no material price increases for the first five years.”

    “On November 21, 2013, Uniregistry received a Registry Agreement signed by ICANN for .christmas after passing the Initial Evaluation”

    This contract was breached by the registry, Uniregistry (based in the Caymen Islands by one Frank Schilling), on or about September 8th, 2017:

    In particular, .CHRISTMAS pricing, via the registry (Uniregistry) increased from $28 to $50, as shown on I call the increase a “material price increase”.

    While the contract promised “no material price increases for the first five years”, a near 100% increase did occur on or about September 8th, 2017.

    .CHRISTMAS Delegation: 26 February 2014 & General Availability: 08 July 2014 – both dates well before the contractual 5-year timeline.

    There are about 12 other NEW Top Level Domains under Uniregistry management which increased in price as well, up to 3,000%.

    Domaining loves speak out about injustice so much, look at YOURSELVES! I was SCREWED by Frank Schilling. Shameful.

      • It is an interesting post since Frank Schilling is one of top Domainers. If the domain name is really owned by Frank Schilling or his company, why he has to let it go through Godaddy deal since it is his name? Why he didn’t save it before the Godaddy deal? Is it not worth for him?

  2. Clearly, this is an erroneous listing which will be withdrawn in quick order.

    There is simply no way he would go this far to make a buck.

    This could also be intentional for entertainment value so that he can see who actually would try to buy it in order to gauge who his enemies are.


  3. I’m sure he kept some of the domains he owned (maybe family members, relatives, personal interest domains) separate from the domains he sold to GD. I wonder if this one slipped thru the cracks?

    Maybe, he might have to buy it back from GD? Bob Parsons would have immediately given back to FS. But, since the investment group is running the business, they might not be as nice.

    I hope FS has enough money to buy back the domain?

    I hope Ron Jackson, Elliot J. Silver and John Berryhill do not have the same problem since the domains are in uni/GD.

    I am saying all of this in jest.

  4. Just because a domain name landing page says it is available for sale doesn’t mean it actually is available for sale. In the real world something can be “Available For Sale” but if the asking price which nobody would have to know is so high that nobody could or would pay as much then in fact it’s really NOT AVAILABLE.
    I agree with Elliot, it is interesting.


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