Find Domain Names for Sale in Google


Google LogoMost of my domain purchases have come from either direct inquiries to domain owners after Whois searches or by finding domain names for sale listed by companies such as BuyDomains and Sedo. I have also purchased domain names via drop auction, new registration and a variety of other places commonly known by domain investors.

I have also bought domain names that I found were for sale through Google searches. Domain owners sometimes believe that the best way to find a buyer for a domain name is to create a landing page that shows the domain name is for sale. When someone lands on the site, possibly to see if anything is there, they will find that the domain name is available to purchase.

I haven’t heard of many people using this method to find domain names for sale, so I wanted to share a few search queries that might help you find good domain names that are currently for sale by their owners, many of which are not listed on domain sales websites.

Some searches I have used to find domain names for sale include:

  • “This domain name is for sale”
  • “This url is for sale”
  • “Buy this domain name”
  • “Make an offer for this domain name”
  • “To purchase this domain, click here”

In addition to the above search terms, there are dozens of similar terms that can be searched depending on the domain owner’s verbiage preference. Oftentimes, these domain names are not listed for sale on the big brokerage websites. Further, many times the Whois information may be private, although the owner’s email address is actually listed on the website, making it easier to contact the owner.

There are a lot of crappy domain names for sale that you will have to wade through to find good names, but the search could be worth the effort. It may be especially beneficial if you find a different phrase that hasn’t been searched by people like myself, as you may come across even more hidden gems for sale.


  1. Just for fun I decided to try “This domain name is for sale” on Bing
    instead of Google.

    Of course, Bing = Microsoft

    The first natural (non-paid) search result on Page 1 is:

    # 10 is:

    I found it kind of amusing.

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