A Domain Investor Doesn’t Rest…Unless


A domain investor and developer doesn’t rest unless… it’s his anniversary. I’m taking the day off today to spend time with my completely understanding wife as we celebrate our first anniversary. Looking forward to many more happy anniversaries!

We ran a 5k race in the rain this morning as the first part of our anniversary celebration, and my wife kicked some serious you know what! She was the 6th woman overall and won first place in her age group… this coming after an eleven mile run yesterday (she’s training for a triathalon).

Tonight we’re headed to a special restaurant for dinner. It’s the restaurant I took her on our   first date and it’s also where we celebrated our engagement.

Hope you enjoy your weekend! I will be slow in responding to emails today – sorry in advance!


  1. Has it been a year already? Time flys. Congrats to you and your wife on your first anniversary Elliot. Hope you both have a very enjoyable day and time however you celebrate it.

  2. Brings back memories of your trying and succeeding to make budget for the ring. Maybe that’s the kind of motivation all domainers need to make something happen. It’s been quit a great ride for you since those days. Congratulations and my best to Karen.

  3. Congrats on the milestone…

    I agree with Tim above…..

    Guest post from your wife, 1 year later, what her thoughts, and perceptions were for the previous year.

    Something along the lines of a “football widow” but in this regard she would be the “domainer widow”…LOL

    Could make it an annual thing.

  4. Congratulations! May the years to come be a blessing to you both.

    Hmm….”training for a triathalon”? You’d better be good to Karen. She probably could whoop ALL of us ‘domainers’! I know she could ME! LOL

  5. Congrats! August 2nd is a great day to have an anniversary. In fact, it’s our anniversary too (12 years now… that’s enough of a marathon for us!). But, it’s such a great day I decided to have my birthday on August 2nd too. Yes, my wife actually agreed to have our wedding on my birthday. At least this way I never forget our anniversary 🙂

  6. Elliot

    Congratulations to you both !

    Actually, a curious story is that the first time I learned about you was because, somehow I landed on your wedding site. I guess it was linking from a now extinct domainers forum.

    It is incredible a year has passed by. My best wishes to you for many more years.

    Cheers ! with a glass of champagne 😉

    Felipe Barousse

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