Final 2018 Great Domains Auction Results


Sedo’s final Great Domains auction of 2018 concluded yesterday, and there were quite a few domain names that sold. I am not sure why, but was not listed in their sale report. reported that the name sold for $399,999, but this sale was not included in the report I received.

I reached out to a Sedo representative about the non-disclosure of and here’s what I was told:

“Sedo is not disclosing proactively the sale of While we are aware that any auction is always happening publicly, Sedo has an agreement in place with the parties involved in this particular auction not to share any information about the sale proactively. As such, this is why we aren’t commenting on the specifics of this individual case.”

Beyond this, was the largest reported sale, closing at $29,000 USD. sold for $27,000 USD, and sold for $25,500. Even without the sale included in the report, the auction resulted in the sale of nearly $150,000 worth of domain names.

The results of the auction are listed below. As you should know, these auctions just closed yesterday so the deals have not likely transacted yet. Sedo will report its sales to NameBio and DNJournal once they close:

Domain Currency Max Bid $US 29000 $US 27000 $US 25500 $US 17400 $US 15000 EUR 10099 EUR 6000 EUR 3300 $US 3133 EUR 1550 $US 1351 $US 999 $US 999 $US 999 EUR 699 EUR 380 EUR 179 EUR 129 EUR 119 EUR 109


  1. Like many my I shed all but the com or cc’s but do like the .AI as it is now a generic term ? picked up a couple of Chinese 2/3 pinyin terms, noted Alibaba have scooped up most 1&2 pinyin terms, not saying do it but the WeChat generation is not traditional, think the .com generic / cognitive root domains time has come again in a AI world !!

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