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Sedo Great Domains December Auction Results


Sedo's monthly Great Domains auction for December ended yesterday, and nearly $150,000 worth of domain names was sold. The largest sale of the auction was, a domain name that sold for $70,000. Assuming this sale closes, it will be tied for the second largest public .net domain name sale of 2017, tied with Only, which sold for $100,000 earlier this year, is larger.

A couple of other notable sales this month include, which sold for 24999 EUR (approximately $29,474 USD) and, which sold for $18,000.

Since the auctions just concluded yesterday, it is likely that they have not yet been paid for or closed. Sedo will report its closed sales to NameBio and DNJournal for recordkeeping once the deals have fully transacted.

The full Great Domains auction results for December 2017 are below: (more…) → Read More

Great Domains Auction: Sells for $61k+


Sedo's final Great Domains auction of 2016 closed today, and the auction totaled about $175,000 in sales. There were 17 domain names that sold in this month's auction.

The largest sale of the month was, which sold for $61,350. sold for $44,000, and sold for 31000 EUR. was another 5 figure sale, closing at $25,499.

The full list of sold domain names is below. Quite a few names had bidding action but didn't meet their reserve prices.,,, and were examples of domain names that did not meet their reserve prices and did not sell at auction.

Since the auction (more…) → Read More

October 2016 Great Domains Auction Results


Sedo's Great Domains monthly auction concluded today, and the auction grossed over $150k in sales.,, and were the three largest domain name sales during this month's auction.

Some of the higher value domain names that did not sell at auction include,, and Prospective buyers who may have in interest in discussing the unsold inventory should contact Sedo.

Since the auction closed today, it is unlikely that any of the purchases have been completed yet. Sedo typically reports its sales publicly to DNJournal and NameBio when they close, so keep that in mind when viewing the sales report.

Here are the domain names that sold along with their sale prices: (more…) → Read More is Largest Great Domains Auction


The August Great Domains auction on Sedo ended yesterday afternoon, and a total of 10 domain names sold. The total value of these auctions was around $40,000 USD, so it was a slow month compared to other Great Domains auctions.

The largest auction of the month was, which sold for $35,000. There were other 3 letter .com domain names up for auction that received bids, but none of them met their reserve prices. None of the other domain names that sold hit 4 figures.

Here are the domain names that sold along with their sale prices. Keep in mind that the auction ended yesterday and these domain name deals probably have not been finalized yet. Once they are finalized, they will be reported to DNJournal and NameBio for publication.

Domain Currency Max Bid $US 35000 GBP 999 EUR 850 $US 800 EUR 630 $US 235 $US 219 $US 209 EUR 200 $US 177 (more…) → Read More Leads the Way at Great Domains Auction


The first Great Domains auction of 2015 hosted by Sedo ended this morning, and sold for $112,500. The reserve price on had been set between $50,000 - $100,000. In total, the auction grossed a bit under $130,000 in sales, with 6 domain names selling.

I know that Sedo broker Dave Evanson had been reaching out to end user buyers to sell, and there is a good chance one of those contacts was the buyer given the final sale price. Once payment is made and the domain name transfers, I will follow up on this if there seems to be a good story about the acquisition. There are quite a few companies that would benefit from owning, and "ignite" would make an excellent brand name.

The second highest sale of the auction was, which sold for 9,999 GBP. The list of the 6 domain names that sold is published below. I presume (more…) → Read More

.DE Leads the Way at December Great Domains Auction


Sedo's Great Domains auction for December ended yesterday, and there was about $188,000 USD in sales closed (several of the sales were in Euros instead of US Dollars). Out of the ten domain names that met reserve and sold, four of them were .DE domain names, Germany's ccTLD extension.

There were quite a few three letter .com domain names with reserve prices included in the auction, as Aaron Wilkin mentioned last week. Only one of those LLL .com domain names,, met its reserve price and sold. I saw that quite a few bids were placed below reserve on those three letter domain names, so perhaps Sedo will be able to close additional sales post-auction.

Listed below are the ten sales from (more…) → Read More

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