Sells for $151,000 on GoDaddy Auctions


The expiry auction for ended today at GoDaddy Auctions, and the domain name sold for $151,000. There were 229 bids placed from 29 bidders in the three day expiry auction.

The sale of is the largest expiry auction at GoDaddy Auctions that I can recall. In looking at NameBio, the next three highest value expiry auctions at GoDaddy in the last 5 years include:

Prior to its expiry, had been privately registered since 2014. Prior to that, the domain name was registered to a registrant in California. The domain name had previously been developed, according to

Because the domain name is registered at GoDaddy, I do not believe the former registrant will have the opportunity to renew the domain name.

My guess is the winning bidder is an end user buyer, but that remains to be seen.


  1. This is hardly news. 6 figure .COM sales happen *EVERY DAY* according to Josh.Co. 99.99% 6 fig sales are .com, he says.

    That’s what he said to dispute facts and bash nTLDs. Whatever it takes? Must attack NEW domains with his own BS!

    Since 6 fig happen everyday, maybe 3 or 4 xxx,xxx sales today? This sale is NOTHING…

    Everyday folks.

    Plenty of noobs fall into the FALSE sense of riches you give them! Then you make fun of THEM! Shame on you! Not pros, your FRAUDS.

    0 respect for ‘pros’. All lies/propaganda. Out of control? And They think I’m out of my mind. They’re the ones. They’re the ones LYING, provoking, trolling and so much more. Time will tell.

    Very sad industry. So cheer on your 6 fig sales that happen every day lmao. “big news”

    Blog owner, don’t take it personal. Just like this industry to know how full of it there are. Really I could go on and on. They hope and pray for $1 .COM promos but bash NEW domains for having $1 promos!!!…I have a HUGE list of this BS. I think the whole industry is dumb and/or corrupt :/

    • Unreported six figure sales do happen on a regular basis.

      That said, this is the largest expiry auction sale at GoDaddy Auctions, and that is newsworthy in my opinion.

    • Best to quote what was actually said. I think what you are claiming is inaccurate/misleading.

      You also don’t appear to have ever sold a new tld domain so not sure your own commentary on that market is accurate.

      God should bless you!
      Don’t know who you are, you don’t know who I am and that really doesn’t matter.

      To write about an expired auction that reached 151K definitely is smart, beneficial for all to know and that doesn’t happen every day and seems hadn’t happen before, hopefully the buyer comes through and I believe they will.

      You may love ntld’s and their is nothing wrong with that, I may invest 99% in .com and btw the only ntld i bought for 1K from an investor that is already very nicely developed sold it for 33K through Go Daddy.

      But what do want to mention is that our words & writing is a reflection of our mind and soul and most of your comments always are negative either to people or the domain industry, you mention that is dumb and/or corrupt, why are you staying in it if that’s what you believe, I wouldn’t waste my time & money being around
      dumb people and corrupt people / business.
      Since 2012 i have found incredible friends, some I call brothers, quite great people and very smart and successful, thanks to this Great Industry, thanks Elliot for your constant dedication & hard work

  2. me likes

    I have about 20 fan___ .com or names…accumulated over about 10 yrs…none for sale…yet

    congrats to buyer and seller…i considered buying it myself, but after it went beyond my budget, i bowed out and tipped my hat

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