Efty Hits 1 Million Milestone


Efty announced a milestone on Twitter this morning: the one millionth domain name was recently added to its platform. The person whose domain name was the millionth name won a free year of Efty. The software company was founded by Doron Vermaat and Lionel Petitaux in 2013, and Domain Sherpa’s Michael Cyger invested in the company in 2015.

Efty offers domain investors a variety of landing pages they can use to sell domain names. There are several different creative options, and users have the ability to choose a “make offer” landing page or a landing page with a “buy it now” option. The company also offers a back end domain name management platform to track leads, sales, and other important domain name data.

The Efty blog offers insight from customers who use Efty, as well as general tips about using the platform.

It’s neat to see a relatively small company like this growing like this. I appreciate Efty’s support of my blog, and if I didn’t use my own customized landing pages, I would be using their platform for domain names I didn’t want to park.


  1. The success is well deserved. I wish Doron, Lionel and the efty team much success. Great guys and an awesome toolkit for domain investors.

    • At Efty we do not have access to our user’s (sales) data but I can share the platform generates thousands of offers and BIN transactions every month. We sometimes showcase reported sales on our blog and you can often see them back on DNjournal (there’s actually one on today’s weekly Dnjournal Sales report) when users decide to share a sale with Ron Jackson.

  2. Really Folks(tm)???

    Why would you even need a service like this???

    A real domainer does perfectly well selling domains himself without leeches cutting into his profit.


    • I can tell you that it has been an ongoing / time consuming and somewhat expensive project to create my own customized landing page and management tool (seen here: https://www.embrace.com/offer/?domain=travels.com and also here https://www.embrace.com/offer/?domain=beermaking.com).

      How does Efty cut into someone’s profit? Aside from paying the monthly fee (under $20/month for their top tier account type), I don’t see what other costs are incurred. As far as I know, when a lead comes in, the domain owner manages it and there is no commission for a successful sale. Someone can correct me if I am wrong though.

    • Thank you for the great question. I actually founded Efty because I also thought it was crazy to pay commissions on sales when they happened through direct navigation (when a buyer types in your domain name directly in their browser). That’s why Efty users never pay a dollar in commission, just the monthly or annual subscription (starting as low as $4/month). You can, of course, build your own landing pages and/or marketplace site but as Elliot points out not everyone has the time, funds and/or resources for this which is why Efty has been a great solution for many domain investors. We offer a 30-day, free trial so please feel free to sign up and kick the tires.

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