East Coast v. West Coast Domainers

NamesCon is shaping up to be a great conference.  As of this publication it has broken the 400 attendee mark.   With some of the best in the business speaking on panels and sponsoring the event, it’s not surprising that a healthy competition is taking shape.

At the close of each day of the conference, the NamesCon team decided to have a networking happy-hour with a Ping-Pong table for participants to have some fun.   Ammar Kubba’s  Agreed.com,  sponsor for the Ping-Pong Table, recently announced that a $10,000 beer pong match will be played to settle the remaining part of a business transaction.   Since that announcement,  ESQwire.com, P.C. sponsored the beer stand for the happy hour, and an East v. West rivalry has begun to take shape, with Ping-Pong players on each side claiming to be the “best.”

Representing the East, ESQwire.com’s Team is headed by Ari Goldberger, which will face off against Agreed.com’s West Team. This will be a 2 day, 16 Player Single Elimination Match for honor. Eight of the best (or the best at heart) Ping-Pong Players from the East and West will face off on January 14th, with the semi-final and Championship matches to be played on the 15th.

East Coast Domainers are a hard core group. Boston, NYC, Cherry Hill, D.C., Tampa, Grand Caymans (even some Canadian towns) are serious places, some with rough streets, others not so much, but all are home to some of the best industry players.

Team ESQwire.com’s roster is starting to form with Ari Goldberger, Bill Sweetman, and Steve Kaziyev getting ready to suit up. As the snow continues to blanket the North East, our players are inside getting their paddles ready.

Team ESQwire.com is not sure what Agreed.com’s West Coast Team can bring, but the East’s players are waiting to see.

Adam Strong has agreed to be the Tournament Referee.

When I asked him to join Team ESQwire.com in representing the East, he laughed and said, “even though he would technically fall on the East side of the split, he want’s nothing to do with either coast.” Adam went on to state that “I’m a proud ‘Midwest-flyover,’ and I hate both coasts equally, so I’d be happy to be the impartial referee for this important competition.” Realizing that this could get heated, I gladly accepted his offer to referee the matches and help keep the peace.

Ammar and Ari are looking to complete their rosters now. So, if you’ve got game (or even if you don’t), and want to play, please send an email to Jason “at symbol” ESQwire.com and place EAST or WEST in the Subject Line. We’ll add your name to the list for consideration.

  1. After getting kicked off the Chinese Table Tennis team for drinking during training I’m not sure I am emotionally ready to pick up a paddle again. It doesn’t matter though because like Strong, I’m in a flyover state and really don’t qualify for either team.

  2. Breaking Update. Braden “Top Spin” Pollock is in for the West and Andrew “The Hammer” Rosener is in for the East. When I advised Braden of Andrew’s participation, he aptly noted that “he doesn’t even live in this country.” While it’s true that Andrew lives in a slightly warmer climate, because we are a worldwide community, we drew a line down the middle of the United States. Anything to the left is West and anything to the right of the line is East. Things are getting heated, and Mr. Strong is going to have his work cut out for him as ref. We are continuing to receive interest as well as some “trash talk” about each side. Thanks to all who have responded and we will finalize the teams later this week. If you are interested in playing please let us know soon.

  3. Yes, Drew is pure East Coast. Team ESQwire.com has a full roster and a waiting list (Per Ari, we may even have tryouts in Vegas). The “Left Coast” is lacking and needs to step up. For those of us getting hit with sub-arctic temperatures, we’ll be inside getting ready for NamesCon. Team Agreed.com needs some help, so Westerner’s step up. Full roster announcements to be posted before NamesCon.

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