Easily Delete Unregistered Domain Names from DNS Account


I use Domain Name Sales as a domain name lead management tool, in addition to the parking platform. One issue I run into is deleting domain names from my account after they expire. With all the marketing emails from my registrars, I don’t know exactly when they expire, and I don’t generally track my expired names as closely as I should.

If I do not delete the expired domain names from my account, they will still be syndicated for sale on the DNS platform and partners like DomainTools. One concern I have is that I could accidentally sell a domain name that I no longer own. It’s a good practice to double check the Whois before negotiating, but that wouldn’t be applicable for domain names that have BIN prices, and checking the Whois on a domain name is one of those things that can be overlooked in the excitement of negotiating a deal.

This morning, I found  a pretty easy solution to the issue, and it helped me delete 8 unregistered (expired) domain names from my DNS account.

I used the Uniregistry domain tracker tool, and I clicked the button to import the domain names I have listed in my Domain Name Sales account. It allowed me to choose a list of  the unregistered domain names in the account, and I was able to download the list in a CSV file. I copied the list, and I pasted it into the delete field in my DNS control panel. It didn’t take very long, and the unregistered domain names were deleted from my account, so they are no longer listed for sale.

This isn’t a foolproof method because it only detects the domain names that are unregistered, and if someone else had registered one of my deleted domain names in the meantime, it would not be in the list to delete. For me, however, I tend to have a small domain portfolio, so removing the unregistered domain names probably eliminated a good percentage of domain names in the account that I no longer control.

Now, I just need to remember to delete domain names when  they sell off of the DNS platform!

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