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DNS Brokers Using Holiday Template to Follow Up


I don't recall having much success selling a domain name to someone who had inquired about it months or years prior. Perhaps because of this lack of success, I haven't really pursued old leads. Perhaps it's time I change my thinking about this.

I recently received an email from a broker in response to an older inquiry I made, and I want to share it with you because I think it is well done. (more…) → Read More

What to do with Extra / Unused Domains


Every once in a while, a family friend or friend of a friend gets in touch with me to ask about their unused domain names. Sometimes these domain names were bought for a project that was never launched or they were previously used and are no longer needed.

I want to share the advice I generally give to people who own extra domain names but aren't in the business of domain investing. Generally speaking, I recommend three options for them to either use their domain names, make money from the traffic their domain names receive, or to increase the likelihood of selling their domain names.

Three ways to profit from unused domain names:

1) Park the domain names to earn pay per click (PPC) revenue. It is free to (more…) → Read More

Domain Name Sales Broker Commission Now at 15%


I just received an email notifying me that the commission charged by Domain Name Sales brokers increased from 12.5% to 15%. As justification for the rate increase, the company cited market rates for other brokerages as well as the services provided to its customers.

I am not surprised to see the rate increase, and it won't have an impact on the business I hand off to DNS domain brokers. Generally speaking, I send the more difficult or even non-responsive prospects to DNS since I prefer to handle my own domain sales. In the whole scheme of things, paying an extra couple of points won't be a big deal to me, as I will keep that figure in mind when pricing my domain names.

The email sent to DNS clients is below: (more…) → Read More

No More Minimum Offer (for me) at DNS


Earlier this month, I wrote about changing the minimum offer for my portfolio at to $100,000. The primary objective was to see if buyers would continue to increase their opening offers prior to my responding. I thought that it would put more cards on the table for me to look at before taking action.

In addition to the comments that were shared below the article, I received a few emails from people who suggested this was the wrong tactic. I continued with it because I wanted to see for myself how it would work, and I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it out for myself.

I recently removed this minimum as a result of a failed negotiation I had. The prospective buyer made an opening offer of (more…) → Read More

Why I Set Minimum Offer to $100,000


For quite some time, I set what I believe is a fairly generous minimum offer requirement of $1,500 on my account. The thinking was that someone willing to spend 4 figures on a domain name is a better qualified prospect than someone who would only offer registration fee.

After trying this for quite some time, I decided to set the minimum offer on my domain names to $100,000. Even though the majority of my domain names won't sell for close to $100,000 a piece, there are several important reasons I chose to increase the minimum offer.

1) I have found people "walk up" their offers when they get the error message that they didn't meet the minimum offer. Once they magically hit the $1,500 number (or thereabouts) they tend to stop. Despite the fact that it's clearly a "minimum" offer, I don't want someone to have any expectations that I would consider selling a domain name like for close to $1,500. IMO, some people may get confused with the minimum offer situation, and with much distrust for domain → Read More

DNS Brokers May Have More Insight Than Us


Many of my domain names are parked on the platform, so a fair percentage of the offers I receive on my domain names are submitted via DNS. When I can't get a buyer to reply to me, or if I don't think I will have luck negotiating with the buyer (or I am busy), I forward the lead to a broker from DNS. In addition to their skills negotiating, the DNS brokers may have another tool not at my disposal: data.

For people who have very large portfolios and receive many offers for their domain names, a useful tool is the "Inquiries by Buyer" tab. If a person has made offers for other domain names in a person's portfolio, this tool will allow the owner to track those inquiries. Knowing what the person offered (or paid) for a different domain name can give valuable insight, and that information can be used as a comparable. For instance, "You offered $x for, and we feel is worth 1.5x that offer."

For most people, though, this tool isn't (more…) → Read More

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