Dropping my One Premium Fee .XYZ

I currently own fewer than 30 .XYZ domain names. I acquired most of them via Afternic, Dan, or in auctions on Namecheap. With the exception of Embrace.xyz, I am pretty sure I paid less than $500/each for the domain names I bought.

One important aspect to my acquisition strategy was to acquire domain names that did not have a premium renewal fee. Not only do I not want to pay hundreds of dollars a year (or more) to renew a domain name, I did not want to have to explain the premium renewal fee to prospective buyers. I’ve always felt this was a deterrent.

Unfortunately, I screwed up and acquired one domain name with a premium renewal fee. I paid $255 to acquire the domain name via Dan.com but did not notice the premium renewal cost until I had already paid and received the auth code to transfer the domain name to GoDaddy. That inbound transfer cost me a little more than $200.

After receiving the domain name and putting it up for sale, I turned off auto-renew. The time for renewal has come, and the renewal cost is above $200. Instead of paying that fee, I am going to let the domain name expire and write it off.

I don’t mind paying $12+/- a year to renew most of these lottery ticket domain names. In fact, I am not planning on dropping any of the other .XYZ domain names I bought despite not selling any since my first and only sale.

I screwed up by not noticing the domain name I acquired was considered premium at the outset, but I am not going to continue to spend $200+/year to renew it.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I emailed my developer to address the “Invalid security token.” issue when posting a comment. I am not sure what it means but comments were working fine yesterday evening but they are not working now. I confirmed this is an issue on an incognito browser. Unsure if I can even comment as an admin…

  2. Out of 1030 domains, I only own one with a renewal fee that has a premium renewal of $425. LA.City.
    While I was not aware at the time of acquisition, I totally understand the premium price, as it is a 2 letter domain that stands for Los Angeles in the .city registrar. While I could have backed out of the deal, I moved forward with it, and I am glad that I did, and if not sold by June 2024 renewal time, I will pay the renewal. While it was kind of an experiment for me to acquire a City name in the .city extension, I am pleased that out of my 1030 names at Dan, the monthly traffic is over 700 for this name, putting it into my top ten most visited names. I like the name and I believe it will find a good home.

  3. Have you considered letting Swetha sell it? She’s selling .xyz domains like kylin.xyz and taiko.xyz and bebop.xyz for $40k+ so I’m sure she can help you sell yours if its as good as those

    • @ Jeph
      Re: “Have you considered letting Swetha sell it?”
      You are joking, right? 🙂

      Re: “Is s/he …”
      That’s funny! 🙂
      I coined the term “SwethGari”.
      It’s a mashup of Swetha and Negari 🙂 Feel free to use it.

  4. I dropped Myriad.xyz and Portable.xyz. I hand reg’d those for a few bucks, or less, each. Wish I would have kept them. Now someone has them listed at DAN.com for $179,998 and $49,888, respectively … not that it means anything. I had them listed at $8,888 each and never received a single inquiry/offer. I just think they are good .XYZ domain names.

  5. i had about 12 xyz domains
    good keywords in web3 and crypto
    zero inquiries on afternic, sedo, dan for 3 years
    i let them all drop
    my bad in not staying the course with mostly .com, 10% .AI, 5% .ORG and 5% .TV and .IO

  6. Long time domain investor here. My experience has been that only .com adds value, both to domain buyers and online visitors. Sure, maybe you can save a buck by going with some dumb-ass extension, but you’ll be sorry big time when you try to either sell or develop it. Not sure how to put this nicely, but I really think that they just simply suck.

  7. I dont see the point in xyz domains… I have proobably purchased upwards of 100 .ai domains. They are expensive, 279usd for a two year period from godaddy, but I dont see the ai hype going away anytime soon, so thats what Im betting on..


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