Web Tool Company Featured in "Untraceable"


DNSStuff, LLC, an Internet firm that offers domain tools, IP tools, and hostname tools, is featured in the recently released movie “Untraceable.” According to the Boston Globe, the film’s producers contacted DNSStuff and asked the principals behind DNSStuff to provide feedback and input. The company happily responded, and they created a new computer forensics tool that appears in the movie and will soon debut online for consumers.
Prior to reading this article, I had never heard of DNSStuff, but I spent some time reviewing their site, and it seems like some of the tools they offer could be very helpful to domain owners. Some popular tools include a Whois Lookuo, Reverse DNS Lookup, and a DNSreport. They also have some other great tools as well, including DNS Timing, Traceroute, Ping, IP information, Decimal IP, CSE HTML Validator, and many more.
After looking into the site, I think it would be a smart move for domain investors and developers to check them out. I didn’t check out the premium tools which cost $36/year, but for my purposes, the free tools were great. I found the HTML Validator tool particularly helpful, as it identified several errors in the code for my blog, which apparently may have negatively impacted my rankings.

Results from CSE HTML Validator Tool for ElliotsBlog.com:

DNSStuff image


  1. This stuff assumes that one has experience in computerese (html), which many of us do not. Many of us use the WYSIWYG compose.
    Most of my blogs showed up so many “errors” that the tool stopped working, yet my main blogs (the ones I update often) seem to rank just fine, at least for my purposes.
    I believe that we should worry less about offending the great Google because this company does whatever it wants anyway.
    When determining their so-called algorithm, “Some pigs are more equal than others.”–George Orwell, Animal Farm

  2. That’s pretty funny that their tools will be in a movie. I wonder if they’ll be realistic, or off the wall like in the movie Swordfish? (or every other HOllywood movie that deals with computers)

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