Domain Suggestions Tool


I was using, a website operated by WhyPark that allows you to enter specific target keywords and choose from drop down lists of other keywords, forming potential domain names. I thought this tool was neat, and it helped me locate some city keyword domain names related to a couple of websites I operate.

The one downside to this tool is that it doesn’t simply provide a list of available to register domain names. You need to cut and paste the list into the bulk domain registration tool at your registrar (they have it linked to Godaddy). The downside was that I twice erased my list of available names, as every time I searched a new term, the entire page refreshed (including the Godaddy search page), eliminating the available names I had kept in that list.

I did some searching to see what other tools I could find to help find potentially valuable domain names, and I found the Domain Suggestions Tool at, which is more comprehensive than the other tool I was using. With, you can enter your search term, and it provides a list of related recommended terms. It also lets you know which names are available to register, and you can easily register them and see what other extensions are available to register.

Not only does it look for English terms, but it also does searches for IDN domain names, too. For example, I could purchase 犬の散歩.com, which is the Japanese term for “dog walking.” I don’t have an international audience on my website, but that would be pretty cool if I did.

In addition to the recommendations, the search tool also provides Google Keyword Suggestions as well based on similar keywords and keyword phrases found frequently in Google. Using the tool, I was able to hand register, which I think is a nice complement to my site, There are a number of organizations for walkers and sitters, and as my business grows, that could be a way to expand it.

If you are looking to invest in hand registered domain names, these two tools can be helpful to you.


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