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I was using, a website operated by WhyPark that allows you to enter specific target keywords and choose from drop down lists of other keywords, forming potential domain names. I thought this tool was neat, and it helped me locate some city keyword domain names related to a couple of websites I operate.

The one downside to this tool is that it doesn't simply provide a list of available to register domain names. You need to cut and paste the list into the bulk domain registration tool at your registrar (they have it linked to Godaddy). The downside was that I twice erased my list of available names, as every time I searched a new term, the entire page refreshed (including the Godaddy search page), eliminating the available names I had kept in that list.

I did some searching to see what other tools I could find to help find potentially valuable domain names, and I found the Domain Suggestions Tool at, which is more comprehensive than the other tool I was using. With, you can enter your search → Read More