Domain Investor for Congress?


I received a Google Alert about an article in a publication called Mother Jones, and it seems like a domain investor may be running for US Congress in the state of Florida. Trey Radel is a Republican candidate running for office in Florida’s 19th Congressional District.

According to reports, he is or was a domain investor, and the reason this seems to have made news is that some of the domain names allegedly owned by his company are adult in nature. Here’s what the News Press had to say about the situation:

“Congressional candidate Trey Radel faces another round of web-related controversy following disclosure that a now-defunct company he owned purchased several sexually explicit website domain names.

The domain names, mostly in Spanish, included “” (whorehouse), “”, a slang term defined as a woman who does not look good but is good enough to sleep with, and “” (hot babe), according to documents from a historical search service provided via the website Domain Tools.

Nobody is accusing Mr. Radel of posting adult content. However, people seem to be coming out against him for allegedly owning adult themed domain names. If owning adult related domain names can be problematic for someone running for office, I guess you can rule out almost all professional domain investors, myself included.

Pretty crappy to rule out an Internet entrepreneur because his company may have purchased adult-related domain names.

You can learn more about Mr. Radel on his campaign’s website. Of course, he smartly owns


  1. Pretty crappy indeed! I guess its something to think about for those of us who have adult themed domain names (myself included) and have future plans of running for office.

  2. What are we in this country, prudish children? Seriously, it’s so hypocritical…we all have watched, enjoyed, used, adult related material, it’s apart of being an adult!

    Unless you’re some religious zealot, what’s the big problem here? Why can’t candidates run on what they intend to do in office rather than worry about their past when they had no intentions on running yet?

  3. You get into politics or the public eye, you’re going to get the body cavity search. It’s a decision that anyone makes when they run for a major office.

    For a candidate to be pushing the ‘conservative’ agenda- who himself profited from owning a bunch of adult domains- well, there’s some ‘credibility problems’ there, although South Florida has some unique sentiments.

    He’s going to need to spin this into a libertarian-leaning kind of thing and hope it takes. No other way to dance your way around it and remain ‘pious’.

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