Domain Investing: “Weird, Arcane and Occasionally Profitable”

There’s an article about domain names that I found interesting on, an online publication covering northern New Jersey news and people.  The article is primarily about the sale of and the story behind it, which is described  as “a window into the weird, arcane and occasionally profitable world of Internet domain names.”  The former owner of is Glen DiGirolamo, who is from Wayne, New Jersey.

I’ll let you read the article for yourself, but I thought it was pretty neat how  DiGirolamo was able to come into possession of the domain name, and how he stuck to his asking price to make a solid profit on the sale.  I don’t really agree with the author’s description of the domain business being weird or arcane (maybe 10+ years ago), but it was interesting to read.

Do you have any similar stories about acquisitions or sales that you’d like to share?

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Three years ago, I sold a domain to an end user for mid $x,xxx. This year they forgot to renew it and I picked it. Boomerang domain I’d say.

  2. If you never bought a domain, the domain industry remains a bit weird and arcane. Even these days.

    The description of the domain in the article as “an Internet moniker that consisted of two numerals, a dot and three letters” says it all.

    • “If you never bought a domain, the domain industry remains a bit weird and arcane”

      @ pier0

      Maybe, but there are a lot of normal things that may appear weird or arcane to people who haven’t done it before.

  3. Maybe, but there are a lot of normal things that may appear weird or arcane to people who haven’t done it before.

    @ Elliot Silver

    Like sending an -email to you just now re domain-selling advise.

    May i ask for an indicator whether you received it?


  4. Although I’ve had cases where I’ve had the buyer add some extra money to cover fees to bring up to an even dollar amount, I think doing something like this is really not to smart:

    “Days later, the check arrived in Wayne — but with a small deduction for the delivery service. DiGirolamo contacted the broker. He wanted a check for $250,000 or the deal was canceled.”

    I mean anything could happen before that other check was cut. The buyer could get hit by a truck or could get sick or any number of things could happen that could derail a deal. Once a deal is struck, and assuming you are getting the number you want, and aren’t looking for a reason to back out, you need to get the money in your bank as quickly as possible. A “small deduction” is not a reason to take a chance like this.

    Not to mention the fact also that at this dollar amount a wire transfer and some other due diligence is really necessary as well obviously.

    If Brendan of is reading this, this may be an idea to offer some kind of frame-able check even in the case of a wire transfer. I think there are plenty of people that want a check to wave around or hang on the wall.

  5. Well…..isn’t that special. An article….about an article…about me…!!!! Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

    Thanks Elliott…!!!!

    RE Larry, Everything is up front and black & white with escrow service. They had the funds wired to them. They then take my name and at the very same time release the name to the buyer and I have access to the funds and can either have the money wired to my account or get a check which I opted to do. Only because I wanted to have it framed as it was actually like hitting the lottery to me and where as the state presents this big oversized check with your name on it along with the amount merely for a show piece and in the lottery’s case for the cameras and press, for me the check represents the fact that I made the name worth that much simply by turning down many major high dollar offers over the past 6-7 years. In reality it’s only worth what I’m willing to sell it for, and what someone is willing to pay for it. doesn’t really say or represent anything I think it’s crazy someone would actually give me a quarter of a million dollars for it.

    Talk about laughing all the way to the bank…

    And by the way….this is exactly why I held out for that much money….because the amount has the million dollar equation to it. I just like the way it rings out….quarter of a million dollars…!!!!!

    That to me was worth the wait.

    The only reason they deducted the shipping was because the person who sent the check could not figure out how to use my fed ex account number which I provided for this reason. So they deducted the shipping of $37.51 without my approval and sent a check for $249,962.49. So I called my escrow agent from San Juan where I was at the tiime and told him straight out…I didn’t wait 8 years and turn down hundreds of thousands of dollars in offers to stare at a check on my office wall the rest of my life for $249,962.49. So if he wasn’t able to send me a check for $250,000.00 or as I like to say…”Quarter of a Million” then he can return the money and give me back my name.

    Obviously he sent the correct amount overnight along with a note saying you’re my kind of guy!!!!!!!

    RE Uzoma… NO, I don’t make pizza’s. I make cash. 🙂


    • You know what Glen? I still have that tokens when you first got that website deal. I remember, how you would sit on your cardio tricycle in your laptop thinking of domain names, I thought you were crazy trying to figure out names for domains to buy. So proud of you for making a quarter of a million….Lol! But then again you always knew how to make CASH!!!! Way to go! Xoxox


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