5 Ways to Get Articles Posted


Sometimes I am asked why certain articles are posted on my blog and why some companies seem to receive more coverage than others. It’s not always that easy selecting what to write and then actually writing a post that I think would be interesting to people who spend their time visiting my blog.

Although I do my best to post a wide range of articles I think would be interesting, I wanted to share several ways that you (or someone you know) can have news written about here on this blog.

Here are 5 ways that companies get me to post articles about their products or services:

News Alerts – I subscribe to Google News Alerts. If your company posts something related to domain names that Google deems news, or if a press release is picked up by a news outlet, chances are good that I will see it and consider writing an article. There are dozens of domain name news alerts a day, so I may overlook an article, but I do read many (or at least the first sentence).

Business Colleague – Many of the news stories I receive are from colleagues with whom I do business or communicate with on a regular basis. Oftentimes, something comes up in a conversation or email, and I will request more information because I think it will appeal or interest people who visit my blog.

PR Agents or Marketing Staff  – A number of larger companies have in-house PR / Marketing staff or they outsource it to other savvy companies. These companies often reach out to me with news that is soon to be published or has recently been published. If it’s interesting to me, I will write an article about it.

Twitter / Facebook – I spend a fair amount of time on Twitter and Facebook. When I see something of interest, I will post an article about the topic with my own insight. I don’t generally like to regurgitate what someone else posted, so it has to be interesting to me.

There are other ways to get your product, service, or news noticed by me. If you think there’s something I would be interested in knowing and/or writing about, contact me. More often than not, the news article should be interesting to me and my business, and that will generally be sufficient to pique my interest.

As I’ve mentioned many times in the past, I don’t accept paid submissions, and very rarely will I post domain sales listings unless there are other mitigating factors (or unless they are my own).

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