Domain Holdings Hiring Domain Brokers


In the last year or so, Domain Holdings has hired a number of people with considerable experience in the domain industry, including Monte Cahn, Alan Dunn, Ryan Colby, Mike Feeley, and Jim Grace. They’ve also hired a number of domain brokers as well.  Domain Holdings now employs over 30 people, and  off the top of my head, I believe they had the largest “corporate” presence at TRAFFIC, sending 11 employees to Las Vegas.

I received word that Domain Holdings is looking to hire 4-6 additional domain brokers ASAP, and I wanted to share this information in case you have an interest in professionally brokering domain names. The company is  looking for brokers who live (or are willing to relocate) to Delray Beach, Florida but they are open to hiring good brokers anywhere.

According to Alan Dunn, “the ideal candidate is someone who has Ninja like computer skills, self motivated to achieve (and surpass!) company set goals, can work in a team environment, is familiar with Salesforce, a Master of Microsoft Excel and understands how to articulate the value of premium domain names to end users.”

The company offers some nice perks as well: “only 5 blocks from the Ocean, Domain Holdings offers a competitive base salary and commission structure along with Full Benefits (Health, Dental, 401K) and Stock Options following a 90-day introductory period. Other benefits include Free Healthy Gourmet Meals, Dog-Friendly Office environment, over 100+ Restaurants and shops within a 3 block radius of the office and more!

If you are interested in applying for a domain broker job at Domain Holdings, email your resume in pdf format to  sales @  with the subject line – “Hire Me Now!”


  1. Enjoy flipping my names and been wanting to move to Florida.

    Been involved with roughly 800k sales…

    Hmm.. A powerful company but Caymans still seems more opportunity.

    Anyone know if they pay a base plus commission or just commission? Do they pay moving expenses?

  2. Quit the team they built up as well. Could be a great learning experience the best of the best.

    Think its a pretty demanding job and big turnover down there.

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