NameJet Auctioning Premium .PW Domain Names


NameJet is auctioning a number of top .PW domain names beginning in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to make you aware of the auction. Included in this auction is 23 single letter .PW domain names. The only single letter .PW domain names not included in the auction are p.PW, u.PW, and w.PW.

The .PW domain registry recently announced that they made an off-market deal with an Internet startup company called Upworthy, which has pledged to make u.PW its exclusive url shortener, like Twitter has done with t.CO. w.PW does not resolve, and p.PW looks like it’s already an active website. The terms of that deal were not publicly released. All of the single letter .PW domain names have reserve prices.

The auctions are similar in nature to the standard pre-release NameJet auctions in that bidders need to place a back order in order to participate in the private three day auction that follows this public interest period. Auctions begin closing between two to four weeks from now, and the single letter .PW domain names end later than the keyword domain name auctions.

The .PW Registry, which is currently advertising on my blog, has seen some early success with its marketing campaign. The extension is branded as the “Professional Web,” and to date, it recently announced that over 50,000 .PW domain names were registered within 3 weeks of its initial availability.

You can hand register .PW domain names at registrars like 101 Domain and

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    • I am not sure there are any “Premium .PW”.

      Secondary registries are racing to dump domains. .PW, .INFO, .CO, etc.

      I can’t wait until the new gTLD come out and there is a race to the bottom. All the registries playing the role of domainer will be dumping assets in a fight to not get left holding the bag.

      When you are selling something with limited or no demand the only model that applies is the greater fool theory. The problem for registries is that there is a limited supply of stupid money to go around.


  1. PW extension is struggling, but, to me it really looks better after rebranding it to from Palau to Professional Web. I guess it will catch up fast with those in IT field. And, if it goes well, I think, sooner it can have some position after info and mobi like extension.
    If PW fails, it also denotes a danger for upcoming all new new TLDs.

  2. The more of these .junk domains that get released the more valuable .com domains become. For sure its a race to the bottom. In a few years .co may become important because of internet speed and the way URLs resolve but the jury is still out on that.

    It will be interesting if anyone here ends up with any of this .junk stuff but I have no interest in buying or recommending it, just the popcorn part.

  3. where can i auction off my .pw domains?

    All the negative posts about .pw.
    Correct me if im wrong ,but customersto a website dont look at the .ext …they look for the website name …ext irrelevant.

  4. I also have mine.. would like to auction it..

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