Do You Like Me? Circle One: Yes, No, or Maybe


Brokering domain names can be a tough gig. Even when a prospective buyer is interested in a particular domain name, getting a deal closed can be challenging. A domain broker may send dozens of follow-up emails in order to get a buyer to agree to a deal or to induce a reasonable counter offer. It may even take a while to get a response from someone.

It is always neat to see how domain brokers handle follow-up emails with prospects. I think Uniregistry has a pretty neat system in place to enable its clients and brokers communicate with prospective buyers. From what I have seen working with various Uniregistry brokers on purchases, they seem to have their own creative ways to get a response.

I want to share a Uniregistry broker follow-up email that was shared via Twitter. I think it takes after the types of notes kids would pass to each other back in grade school:

I don’t envy the job of a domain broker. There are countless emails and phone calls. I am sure many deal with angry or otherwise unfriendly replies. I think a more creative email like the one that was shared via Twitters helps keep nasty reply emails at bay.

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