Dedicated to the Game


Most of my friends know that I am a die-hard Red Sox fan. With the exception of the last few years, living in New York City has been somewhat difficult being a Red Sox fan, especially because I always wear a Sox cap around here. I am passionate about watching the Sox, whether on tv, online or at the game when I can get tickets. For whatever reason, I am dedicated to the Red Sox.
Much more than my dedication to the Sox, I am dedicated to my business. 99% of the time, I am working. I am constantly either locked in on my laptop or my Blackberry, and I am almost always working if I’m not sleeping. Knowing I am a Sox fan, a friend of mine in the industry invited me to his box seats to the Red Sox game yesterday – second row from the field, right above the visitor’s dugout. I kicked back, and I basically took the day off from the computer and Blackberry (I will respond to all of my emails today).
My friend, on the other hand, did not take the day off when we went to the game. He is dedicated to another game – the domain drop auction game. Unfortunately for my friend, a 3:05 afternoon start time meant there were domain auctions to be won. As soon as we got to the field, my friend whipped out his laptop ala Drew Barrymore in Fever Pitch. For most of the game, my friend was battling on his field more than the Red Sox were battling in front of us.
Some people say I am nuts for the Red Sox. I say my friend is “crazy” about the domain drop game – 🙂

BTW, still no reasonable geographic domain submissions


  1. Hopefully your friend was more successful than the Sox. When I lived in DC, I used to head to Camden Yards whenever they came to town. Much cheaper than Fenway!
    And as for the ’04 series being fixed… That sweep didn’t do a good job of hiding it.
    Only kidding around. With family in the St. Louis area, it always makes for a fun discussion.

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