Dax.com Sold via Sedo for $500,000


According to a tweet from Sedo’s Frank Tillmanns, the Dax.com domain name was sold for $500,000. I believe Frank brokered the domain name with Hao Shen, the Country Manager for China at Sedo.

The Whois record for Dax.com is currently private, and the domain name is registered at Uniregistry. Using DomainTools’ Whois history tool, it does not look like the Whois information has changed yet. It is possible the buyer is keeping Dax.com at Uniregistry for the time being, although I do not see an archived record with Sedo’s escrow service listed. It is unclear who the buyer is at this point since the domain name is not yet resolving.

NameBio does not show any prior public sales for Dax.com, although it appears the domain name last changed hands privately in June of 2015.

This sale may tie for the largest sale of the year so far in DNJournal’s Year to Date sales report. Home.Loans also sold for $500,000 in a deal reported by Donuts a week ago. I am not sure why that domain name is listed on the 2018 YTD report since I was told the deal transacted in 2017. If this is an error, the $500k sale of Dax.com will be the largest sale of the year once it is reported to DNJournal by Sedo.

I will keep an eye on the domain name to see how it is used.


  1. This announcement is all the more interesting considering the UDRP transfer on ADO.com today. The registrant got hosed by the WIPO panel…

  2. My bet is the name will be used for the Chinese crypto to crypto exchange, set up about 6 months ago under the brand DAX

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