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A Boston-area company announced via press release that it was rebranding its business with a descriptive domain name. Datasafe Information Security, which was founded in 1990 and will be celebrating its 30th anniversary next year, is rebranding as

Since the company was founded, it’s primary focus of shredding documents has grown beyond paper shredding. The company now offers a variety of destruction services, including electronics, counterfeit or defective products, expired foods, and more. With its expanded focus, I think the branding is stronger and better describes its services.

In the press release, company CEO Rick Carey explained why it shifted to the branding:

“While security remains a concern for people who shred documents and devices, the industry has become increasingly price driven and the end result is that people want their information destroyed…securely, but “destruction” is their top concern. We believe that using the domain name as the main way to identify what we do will help position us even more clearly in the marketplace.”

For many years, was used as an advertising tool for Datasafe. The company had a single page website with information about Datasafe along with a contact phone number. It looks like a more extensive website was launched on in 2018. The company announced that it will have a new logo at some point in the near future.

I reached out the Rick Carey to see if he could share some information about the acquisition of the domain name. He told me he was the initial registrant of the domain name and bought it directly from the registrar. I can see the domain name was created back in 1996. He told me he couldn’t remember the exact price, but cost “about as much as a large pizza.

I think the rebrand was a very good idea. is the perfect domain name and branding tool for what the company does. I don’t know if the company has ever considered franchising, but having would allow them to franchise the business in different parts of the country. The company could also become acquisitive and buy other data destruction companies in other areas of the country and rebrand them under the branding.

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  1. DataSafe is a much better name if they owned the .com. is a cool name but you would never know what it is if you only saw the domain name. From a marketing perspective I would say this is a rebranding fail.

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