GoDaddy Acquires Another Portfolio from Tucows


Over the past couple of mornings, I detected a relatively large number of domain names transferring to NameFind, the domain portfolio holding business operated by GoDaddy. I was able to detect the changes using the Registrant Monitor tool from DomainTools. Because of GDPR, I needed to use DomainTools’ Whois History tool on some of the names that changed ownership, and I was able to see that they came from the YummyNames portfolio operated by Tucows.

I reached out to GoDaddy Aftermarket VP Paul Nicks, and he confirmed an acquisition but did not provide any details for me (per company policy): “I can confirm that we recently¬†acquired some names from Yummy Names. Cant comment on price paid.”

I did not notice any notable domain names transferring from Tucows or Enom (which is owned by Tucows) to GoDaddy, although that may be because of GDPR. I will do a bit more digging today to see if I can detect any high value domain names, as YummyNames has owned some nice one and two word .com domain names.

While GoDaddy has reported its acquisitions in its Quarterly Reports, they are almost always lumped together with other corporate acquisitions from the same quarter. This makes it more difficult to determine how much the company paid for a particular portfolio.

Although there isn’t a whole lot to glean from this news, I think it is noteworthy that GoDaddy is still acquisitive on the portfolio-side. The company continues to add names to its NameFind portfolio.


  1. Great, more domain volume selling by GoDaddy. More underpriced domains on the way!

    GoDaddy is so blind, they don’t realize that domain volume selling will hurt themselves more than domain investors, in the end.
    It’s already hurting their stock earnings.

    Raise your domain prices, GoDaddy/Namefind!

  2. Tucows has done nothing with enom and continue to lose domains there, what a blunder, now they selling names to godaddy to keep their earnings in check.

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