Data.World raises $14 Million in Funding


Some people might not like the Data.World domain name, but it doesn’t look like having a domain name with a new gTLD extension caused fundraising issues for an Austin-based startup.

According to an article this morning in the Austin Business Journal, “Data.World Inc., a data analytics and collaboration platform maker, has raised a $14 million series A round of funding from a syndicate of more than 24 investors.

As you can see, the company operates on Data.World. The .World new gTLD domain name extension is operated by Donuts, and there are currently just shy of 31,000 .World domain names in existence, according to It is currently the 71st best selling new gTLD extension based on registered domain names.

Perhaps interestingly to some, Data.World does not own In fact, is owned by a totally different company. It looks like there are quite a few companies with the “Data World” branding, and they operate on a variety of domain name extensions. When I did a Google search for Data World this morning, this recently funded Data.World startup currently ranks #1 in Google for me.

A historical Whois record from DomainTools shows that the Data.World domain name had previously been registered to someone active in the domain name space until late August of last year. NameBio reports that the domain name was acquired for $10,000.

Thank you to Arlo Gilbert for sharing this news on Twitter.


  1. A sizable staff of engineers listed on the website. It’s perfectly descriptive & memorable domain name too. I would say they made an excellent choice.

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