Daily Poll: Would You Choose Your Baby’s Name Based on Domain Availability?


The New York Post published an article about a research study sponsored by GoDaddy concerning baby names and corresponding domain names. From the NYP article this morning:

“According to the research, as many as one in five (20 percent) millennial parents said they changed or seriously considered changing their baby’s name based on what domain names were free at the time.”

This figure seems surprisingly high to me.

When my wife and I discussed baby names, I don’t recall thinking much about the corresponding domain names. I was able to buy one exact match domain name but not the second. I feel a bit badly about the second, but perhaps I will have the chance to buy it at some point in the future before he would want it. If not, I am sure he can find something suitable.

Would you change or consider changing your baby’s name (I presume before he or she was born) based on domain name availability? Share in the poll below:


  1. I guess there is hope for .Horse 😉
    I think it should be a VERY serious consideration.
    If you want to be high ranking on Google, just have a very UNCOMMON name.
    Isn’t that right Frands Jepsen?

  2. People can always name their kids with domains they already own. I can just imagine it: “Good morning, Robohorse. How did you sleep, honey? Would you call your brother, End Transmission, down to breakfast? And tell Feedalicious I’ve signed her form for the school trip.”

  3. When my sister had her baby boy I typed in his name and it was available. I have not registered it yet but at the moment Im having issues remembering her husband’s last name but after reading this I probably will register it. The nickname that most of us call him is already registered. Its interesting though. It’s definitely something I think about whenever I have kids.

    • @DNS,
      You’re having issues remembering your sister’s husband’s last name?! Huh?!
      That’s nuts!
      This means you don’t know your SISTER’S last name!
      WOW!!! Absolutely beyond bizarre!

  4. It is so important to own your name in the .com suffix.

    There can be only one .com and gone are the days with two people having the same name.

    From a professional standpoint, having your .com name shows your internet audience that you take your online identity seriously. Look at what happened to Keith Urban country singer, versus Keith Urban artist. That feud over KeithUrban.com is still going.

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