Hybrid.com Sold for $190,000


Another large domain name sale closed this week. Hybrid.com was sold in a deal brokered by Joe Uddeme of NameExperts.com, which he shared via Twitter:

Although Joe did not share the sale price via Twitter, I can exclusively report that the price was $190,000 (plus escrow fees). The domain name was acquired by Brent Oxley, the founder of HostGator, who also owns a stellar portfolio of one word .com domain names. I am not sure what Brent’s plan is for Hybrid.com, or if the domain name was purchased as an investment.

This sale currently ranks in the top 30 domain name sales of 2018, as recorded by Ron Jackson in DNJournal. I looked at NameBio, and I do not see any other sales reported for Hybrid.com.

In looking through Joe’s Twitter feed, it looks like this is the second six-figure domain name sale Joe has brokered so far this month. From what I can see, it appears that Radian.com was acquired for six figures at the beginning of August.

Who said August sucks for domain name sales?!


  1. I know that single, dictionary words are in big demand and sell for large sums; but in this particular case, I’m scratching my head as to what you can do with this name – other than cars. I’m sure someone can think of something, though.

  2. Awesome domain name. Even at $190,000 it is a solid investment. Hybrid does not only apply to cars. There is also a meaning in financial services — human plus roboadvisors. Actually, there are multiple industries to which the term can apply.

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