Daily Poll: Will There be a 7 Figure New gTLD Domain Sale Within a Year?

Daryl Lopes, formerly a domain broker at Uniregistry, made a bold prediction about new gTLD domain names via Twitter:

When Michael Berkens of TheDomains.com asked him when he thought it would happen, Daryl predicted it would happen within a year from today:

There have been 3 six figure new gTLD domain name sales reported publicly this year. The.Club, Home.Loans, and Vacation.Rentals all sold for between $300,000 – $500,300. A seven figure sale would be a serious jump. Do you think Daryl’s prediction is accurate and a new gTLD domain name will sell for 7 figures within the next year? I presume Daryl means a cash deal paid all at once rather than some sort of payment plan or non-cash deal.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Eventually it will happen when they fake a deal, just like some of the other 6 figure GTLD deals that were reported.

  2. How many registry-reported five-figure or more sales are legit third-party transactions without some undisclosed agreement as to future advertising or website development or online marketing support?

    • From what I understand, the 2 Donuts deals were all cash and had no other strings attached.

      Also from what I understand, The.Club sale was a third party sale not involving the registry.

      I have no idea about other deals.

    • An interesting post might be to highlight how some of those five/six-figure new TLDs are being used (or not being used).

  3. DomainIncite has reported that dot web may launch as early as the end of this year:

    “ [CEO James] Bidzos told analysts that it’s ‘possible’ that the company may get to launch .web in 2018, but said Verisign has not baked any impact from the contested gTLD into its forecasts.”


    .com adds 5.5 million names, renewals back over 70%

    April 30

    – – – – –

    I’m not going to make predictions, not as brave as Darryl, but a lot of names could very easily be in the ballpark.









    • (Sorry, thought this comment got blocked due to the dots in the domains, so I sent a revised version almost an hour later. Happy for this and the first comment to be deleted.)

  4. DomainIncite has reported that dot web may launch as early as the end of this year:

    “ [CEO James] Bidzos told analysts that it’s ‘possible’ that the company may get to launch [dot] web in 2018, but said Verisign has not baked any impact from the contested gTLD into its forecasts. ” (April 30)

    – – – – –

    I’m not going to make predictions, not as brave as Darryl, but a lot of names could easily be in the ballpark.

    Loans dot web… Cars, Travel, Spider, Web, 8, W…

    Maybe Alphabet, Apple and Alibaba will battle it out for A.

  5. There’s not a shortage of cash on this planet so anything is possible.
    Also there are a lot of companies with deep pockets that are clueless and SHOULD NOT waste money on gTLDs.

    So I think Elliot, and other seasoned domain experts should educate such companies as I see it as our job, duty and responsibility! 😉


    Alex Verdea

  6. @Elliot

    I believe you may be right – “web” being “dated”.

    If anything, maybe the term “net” may be making a comeback, as AI-driven companies, including Google, have been promoting “Image Net”, “Sound Net” , “BotNet”, etc

    I believe I may own only 5 .net domains, so no incentive to promote. I’ve received only a few offers for my .net domains in 10 years.

    Still believe .web is one of the top GTLD extensions, but I also feel they’re all mostly superfluous.

    There’s a new ‘Microtrend” being cited that we’re moving away from the Starbucks offerings of multiple choices to the Simple Java of few choices favored by millennials and gen z. Too many choices create stagnation. The Hyper-Personalization trend is fading. So will we shift back to the Henry Ford model of you can have a car in any color as long as it’s black. No, but maybe just black, white, red, green, blue, and silver.

    My POV: some GTLDs serve certain functions: .club, .app (for apps that are developed), but I’m trying to see the value prop of .web? alternative to .com or .net? I’m not sure.

  7. Now are we talking about a ‘reported sale’, not just an announcement that a new gtld sold for over $1 million… but not able to give any other details? Regardless I can see it happening, there are some great strings and combos you can make with the right and left of the dot. But these are the cream of the cream, high annual registration fee or held back by registries during release type of names. As for .web, I’m looking forward to seeing how it does and think it has real potential. Anyhow, years into the new gtlds and it doesn’t look like they’re all going to go away, alternate domain extensions to .com are becoming more common, even if it’s .co or .io, but it’s happening slowly. Internet growth, new companies, more new industries (like crypto, cannabis, etc) will keep driving demand and the best .com’s keep getting taken up.

  8. Also should note that registrars like Godaddy, Uniregistry and others are really promoting the new g’s in their registration process. The continued exposure is going to have an effect over time on the population. I am seeing more new g’s in everyday life than 5 years ago, for companies and organizations I wouldn’t have expected.

  9. I think a better question would be, what domain name could possibly reach that much. Sex.xxx? Porn.xxx Video.xxx I don’t know what’s the hottest gtld, I doubt it would reach a million but i would have to see sales of something like Car.rentals (Car.company) or Insurance.company (or I.company) etc. The guy that bought Vacation.rentals made his choice to pay that much based off of hype. I think he could have gotten it for less than 100k.


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