Daily Poll: Have You Leased a Domain Name?


Generally speaking, I am a fan of leasing domain names. A lease provides a monthly or annual income on a domain name my company owns. The usage of the domain name can make it either more valuable for a future sale if the lease doesn’t work out – and it can make the domain name more valuable to the company leasing it.

I have offered lease deals on a few domain names. Several have not worked out over the long term, but I was happy to give the other party a shot at building a business on the domain name, and I was also happy to collect the monthly payments.

In the past, I wrote about some benefits to domain name leasing as well as some downsides to domain name leasing. I think it is important to consider both aspects before offering or agreeing to a lease.

Have you leased one of your domain names before?


  1. I leased DrakkarNoir.com from HugeDomain. I did SEO to rank “drakkar noir cologne” to Google’s first page and “drakkar noir” on the 2nd page. I was also building organic traffic from the facebook page and instagram account. I was making money with it through affiliate marketing with Amazon. I paid $1,000 before ending my lease with HugeDomain because I knew I was going to face trademark infringement.

    I also leased Matters.com for a short period but there were restrictions and at the end of the day i knew I wasn’t going to buy it so any SEO and advertising would have benefited the domainer a lot leaving virtually no benefits for myself.

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