Daily Poll: How Large is Your Domain Portfolio?


Although my domain portfolio has grown from around 400 – 500 domain names to 500 – 600 domain names over the past 5 years, I still keep a relatively small portfolio. I have always tried to keep a tidy portfolio to keep operating costs low and focus on higher value acquisitions. My acquisition rate is probably similar to my sale rate, which explains why the portfolio size has not grown much over the years.

I have met people with portfolios of all sizes. I know people with a couple of dozen domain names and I know people who own or manage portfolios with hundreds of thousands of domain names. How many domain names do you have in your portfolio?


  1. Too many. I did a great trimming a while ago and got down to around 350, but now I have a lot more than you. And now that I have been trimming again, I keep registering new ones instead of making as much progress at reduction as I used to. I even just recovered one I was originally letting go.

    The good news is that I am dealing with a third round of someone eagerly seeking to buy two that go naturally together as a pair, hiding behind a buyer intermediary. And it’s very obvious why they want them, as they are among the top best several for an extremely lucrative and big industry.

    Anyone know where you can auction a pair of domains together besides eBay?

  2. 100. I started domain speculating in summer 2015, accumulated a total of 400 domains within 12 months. Spent the last year allowing all the pigeon shit to drop. I’m at 100, and rarely buy new domains. Targeting a big buy before the end of the year. Quality over quantity…

    • “Quality over quantity” – indeed.

      Do you know about this at Epik: https://www.epik.com/solutions/marketplace/.

      It’s a really great free benefit they give. Had a nice $xx,xxx sale result from being contacted through it last year. And if I can say so myself, my MarketPlace is on a really very nice domain, considering what was available by the time I got it.

      (Disclaimer: I am only a regular customer at Epik who discovered it not that long ago and have posted in the blogs about that before, and this post is entirely on my own initiative with no incentive whatsoever.)

    • Your domains do not need to be at Epik to use the feature already either, though some functionality will not be available for those which are not.

    • @John,

      Spurred by your voluntary plug for Epik I decided to set up a marketplace there. I am getting my marketplace to resolve on my domain of choice, but I am not seeing any of the names I uploaded display. Do you remember a lag between signing up and having your inventory display properly?

    • Cool. I was just checking this thread out, but unfortunately I don’t get email alerts for comments, so might have missed this question.

  3. Quantity of names in my portfolio…
    I have more than 300 but wish to get it to around 150…
    I am making major changes, purges and doing bundles to
    wittle mine down… moving to another phase of life
    caring for my mother and starting something new non-domain related…
    life is so interesting… especially when you make the time to take the time to have a life… smile…

    And, Thanks for the reminder of the service at Epik
    I now have that on my shorter “To Do List”…


  4. I’ve about 57. That’s it. I don’t buy one until I sold one DN.
    BTW. Talking about EPIK. I believe they’ve the best customer service you can ask for.

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