Daily Poll: How Often Do You Update Domain Name Pricing?


Domain name values are dynamic. A few big sales in a short period of time, and similar domain names can increase in value. Domain names are unique digital assets, and comparable sales and/or trends can cause changes in their valuations.

During the last year or two, I have been more willing to put BIN prices on my domain names, I have also been adding more domain names to Afternic to drive revenue on names I consider moveable inventory. These are the types of names I regularly buy at auction for $500 or less and am happy to quickly sell for 4 or low 5 figures without a negotiation. I added the Afternic phone number to many of my parked landing pages, and it’s always nice to see an email telling me a domain name sold or telling me they have an offer.

BIN pricing is a double edged sword. It’s great to move inventory, but it can be a bit of a shot to the stomach when a deep pocketed buyer picks up a name for relatively cheap. I don’t generally have regrets because there are probably plenty of deep pocketed buyers who wanted one of my names that I priced too high and they picked up something else instead. I do think it is important for me to look through my BIN-priced names to make sure the pricing is reflective of the current market conditions.

I thought it would be interesting to poll readers to see how often they update their buy it now pricing. As always, additional thoughts are welcome in the comment section:


  1. I do that weekly and don’t be surprised that a buyer interested in a name is waiting to see any price adjustment .I sold a 4 L .org for $2.5k within 24hours after i updated the price.The buyer was so aggressive and told me he wants to buy the name and I figured he must have the domain in their watch list.Buyer was from France .So always adjust weekly depending on the market or recently sold niche picking up steam.

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