Daily Poll: Do You Use Coupons to Register Domain Names?


I’ve never really been big on coupons. If I see a retail website with a promo code or coupon code box, I will try to find a good coupon or discount code to use, but I don’t really do that with domain names. Many registrars have stopped giving out coupons and promo codes, so it can be tough to find a decent code to use.

Personally, I wouldn’t use a coupon code at a registrar I wouldn’t ordinarily use just to save a few dollars. Yes, domain registrars offer essentially the same service. However, I like the security and account management tools at my preferred registrars.

Do you try to use coupons when you register domain names?


  1. There used to be so many $1.99 and $.99 at the main Go Daddy coupon thread at NP that is was like a slot machine, but since that ended there has been virtually nothing that I’ve ever seen. What I have seen, however, is that occasionally NameSilo will have a $6.99 price on new .coms for “x” number of days at a time. Also people should be aware that it’s always $8.49 at Epik, and I imagine it’s possible some have even better deals there. Epik’s $8.49 appears to be the best “normal” reg fee I’ve seen anywhere. Combined with the spectacular UI and service, one does have to be nuts not to use them in a substantial way.

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