SEC Filings Can Have Good Contact Information


Whether you are looking to privately acquire a domain name or sell a domain name you already own, it is essential to have the contact information for prospective buyers. With GDPR in place, finding good contact information for a company can be challenging.

I have found that many consumer facing websites do not make it easy to find executive contact information. I presume many executives do not want to receive consumer complaint emails – or perhaps even more accurately – companies have expensive customer management and customer support teams in place that are better equipped to deal with consumer issues. These teams are not necessarily well equipped to discuss company owned domain names or potential domain name acquisitions. Contact emails about domain names may go through, but many may never be seen by decision makers or even returned.

One place to find good contact information is within filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or similar oversight organizations in other countries. Oftentimes, these filings contain the names, email addresses, and phone numbers for corporate decision makers. These people might either be the ones making a decision about a domain name or can direct an inquiry through to the right channels. Investor press releases and investor reports may also contain this valuable contact information. Even a communications or press agent can direct an inquiry to the right person within a company.

There is a caveat to this. Executives, especially those at large companies, may either be too busy to respond to an email or become annoyed with an outbound sales email (especially when it comes to bad domain names). For instance, you would most likely not have success emailing the CEO of a Fortune 100 company to sell a hand registered domain name you just bought. In addition, there may be anti-spam laws that would be violated by sending an unsolicited email to try and sell a domain name.

Sometimes you have to look in less than obvious places to get good contact information, and SEC filings can be a good place to find this info,


  1. I tried company search, but none of the filings have emails. It’s only the name and some have numbers.

    How do you search?

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