Daily Poll: Do You Own a 3 Letter .com Domain Name?


Yesterday, I wrote an article about the launch of the 3 letter .com wholesale marketplace, LXME. The marketplace platform was founded by Giuseppe Graziano, and it targets domain investors looking to buy or sell three letter .com domain names at wholesale pricing.

I have owned and sold several three letter .com domain names, including SHS, RER, KJP, PJP, and a few I can’t remember. At the present time, I only own one – Hoy.com. I thought it might be interesting to see how many readers currently own three letter .com domain names:


  1. I would love to know the commission amounts on bottom dollar LLL.com firesales, you are better putting it on namejet, or godaddy auctions wider audience.

    • Not sure. If you’re patient, I presume that means you’re waiting for an end user buyer. I am not sure how many companies use the acronym or if there is any meaning beyond just the LLL combination.

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