Daily Poll: Acquisition Mode or Sale Mode?


If someone asked me if I am buying or selling my domain names, I would probably tell them I am doing both. In looking through my purchases and sales, I can safely say I am buying many more domain names than I am selling, so I am still in acquisition mode.

I know people at different stages of their business. Some have accumulated enough domain names that they are happy to slowly sell their portfolio and earn enough money that they don’t need to be in acquisition mode. Unfortunately, there are quite a few people who have spent all the money they want to spend on domain names and are not buying additional domain names until they start earning a return on their initial investment.

Others are still building their domain portfolio, adding much more than they are selling. I know a few people who got their start in the 1990s and are still buying exceptional domain names. There are many more people who started in the last 10+ years and continue to buy domain names on a regular basis.

In wealth management terms, it could be considered acquisition vs. distribution, where the investor is either still earning money and adding to his or her investments, or the investor is retired and using the money to fund life.

Would you consider yourself in acquisition mode or in sale mode? I also added an answer “net zero” for those who sell as much as they buy.


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