Created in 2017, for Sale for $99,999


Former Vice President and current Democratic candidate for US President Joe Biden has selected US Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate:

The Biden campaign has been using for its website, and I do not expect that to change. However, the domain name might be appealing to the Biden campaign or a Democrat-affiliated PAC. It could also be appealing to President Trump’s campaign or a Republican-affiliated PAC. In fact, in the 2016 election, an entity associated with the Trump campaign apparently acquired the domain name for $15,000.

Whois records show that the domain name was created in February of 2017. The domain name is registered to someone in California, although GoDaddy’s Whois redaction prevents me from seeing who the registrant is. If you visit, you can see a message that says, “Find us in the auction!

A search at GoDaddy, the operator of Afternic, shows the domain name has an asking price of $99,999:

A look at shows that this domain name had been for sale for $65,000.

From an investment standpoint, there is some level of risk to not selling this domain name in the short term. If the Biden / Harris ticket does not win the presidency, the domain name will likely be worth very little. Should Joe Biden win the presidency, the domain name could hold some value.

The legal risk should not be underestimated, especially given its current usage. While a person is free to use a domain name as a means of sharing their political views or for other First Amendment-protected purposes, trying to sell the domain name could be another story. That is more of a topic for a legal / IP expert.

I will keep an eye on the Whois record using the DomainTools Whois Monitor to see if the domain name sells.


  1. Great post. I sometimes wonder if the registration is even worth it. I wouldnt pay a dollar for a domain that had one buyer. Its essentially a tough sale year in year out while renewal fees will bleed you. Does anyone think it will actually sell for that price?

  2. Interesting, speaking as someone with an independent mind who is no Republican or red team cheer leader (nor blue), not sure I’ve ever even seen a more kafkaesque and Twilight Zonish lie than the one in Biden’s tweet there. Maybe at most only “as much as.” And I’ve seen a lot.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump’s Team that bought, buys before the Biden Team. The digital marketing guy for Trump team, Pascale is digital savvy. However, I think if it does sell – it will sell for less for much less $100K.

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