Cool SEO on Dating Website, but is it Invasive?


I did a Google search using a friend’s name today, and I saw a great search engine optimization concept. In the meta description on one of the first results for this person’s name, I saw a link, with a meta description of “Meeting Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxx and an assortment of other fantastic Jewish singles is easy, it takes but a moment to upload your very own profile to get involved in Jewish dating!
I think this is a cool approach to SEO in case a person is looking up someone they just met and perhaps want to get to know a little better. However, if I was performing a Google search of a potential job candidate, this could be perceived as being invasive. While many people aren’t shy about admitting they are involved in Internet dating (I have 2 married friends who met on Jdate), it seems inappropriate to use people’s names as search bait.
While I’ve noticed social networking companies like Friendster and MySpace using this cool technique, I question whether this invades users’ privacy, especially if they don’t even know the site is doing this.

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  1. Elliot,
    The moral of the story is the best place to meet girls is in bars where you can have a few drinks, walk on the beach and not have your privacy violated !
    Come down to Nassau at spring break, you’ll see. 😉
    – Richard

  2. This is much more invasive than you think. This link comes up on my name search and I’m not a member. They’ve just hijacked my name. I have a very unusual name and all the names of my family members–equally unusual — come up as well –married and single, living and dead.
    Several others have posted about this recently. This is a scummy company and it’d be great if you’d help get the word out.

  3. Ive had several people who go to my chat rooms that have got married, it can work out some times..
    and also in the pasts ive ran ads for jdate.. so i can completely relate..
    nice read ty 🙂

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