Contest: I’ll Try to Help You Sell a Domain Name Using

I’ve used sponsored headlines to sell several high value domain names, including one yesterday afternoon ( I think it’s a great tool to reach a wide audience of targeted domain buyers. Here’s sort of an informal contest to try and help you sell a domain name.

Post one domain name you own and have for sale in the comment section of this blog post with your price. I will choose the best domain name at the most reasonable price to feature in a sponsored headline. You will post your domain sale in a sales thread on DNForum at the specified time, and I will pay for a 24 hour sponsored headline for your sale and link it to your post on DN Forum.

Here are the rules of this contest:

  • You can only post one domain name for sale with a price in the comment section of this post (if you post more than one, you are disqualified)
  • I will select the best domain name at the most reasonable price by Friday morning at some point (my judgment only).
  • At the specified time I tell you via email (likely mid-week next week), you will post a sales thread on DNForum with the domain name and the price listed. I may even give you advice on what to write in your post if you would like.
  • I will pay for a 24 hour sponsored headline on, which will link to your DNForum post.
  • You absolutely must follow through with the sale if someone agrees to purchase the domain name, although I cannot be held responsible if buyer or seller fail to honor the deal.

Remember, you MUST post just one domain name and MUST list the price (please don’t ask if I or anyone else thinks your price is fair). If you do not wish to follow these rules or the rules above, this isn’t a contest you should enter.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Unfortunately I can’t open a sale thread on DNForum since I have a gold membership. If we can overcome this, I have for $1,490.

  2. Manarola dot com

    .com geo
    one of the five villages/hills of cinque terre
    huge number of tourists per year
    (I would guess well upwards of 100k to the cinque terre region, 10,000 exact matches in Google for Manarola alone)


  3. Elliot,

    Just some advice. You might want to narrow the price range.

    Right now the range is far too wide.

    The names are ranging from a couple hundred (not worth a sponsored listing) to a couple million (yeah right).

    I think if you had a range, say $2K – $4K (example), it would yield better listings. Then you could just pick the best of a group with similar pricing.


    • @ Brad

      Good suggestion, but I’ve sold names for low $x,xxx to mid $xx,xxx via the sponsored thread. If someone threw up a 2 letter name for very low 6 figures, that would probably be the winner, so I don’t want to narrow it down too much.

      I’ll ultimately pick the name I think has the best chance of selling, at the stated price.

      BTW, there will be NO commission owed to me, and I will not partake in closing the deal (ie escrow or negotiations).



    m4a is the music file for all apple songs. Released last fall for others to develop.

    Developed site, top of Google for “m4a” which has 22,000 exact searches a month. 13,500 uniques in last 30 days.

    Google PR of 4.

    The next MP3…

  5. $25,000

    12 Year old premium name
    About 2,070,000 Google results for “addiction treatments”
    22,200 Global Monthly searches for the term
    Addiction Treatments may have saved countless lives including Whitney, Michael, Kurt and many more.
    The topic of many TV shows including A & E show Intervention
    Several offers rejected including one for low xx,xxx

  6. – $9900
    Comes with and twitter ID @baneasa
    It’s the name of a very important/expensive residential and commercial area in Bucharest, Romania, as well as of an Airport.

  7. I have. This one

    WE all need sum pimp wheels on our G Rides right?
    Rolling on sum twenty twos.
    Chunking. Up Deuces


  8. – THE Hong Kong Premium .com Domain

    Kaitak was once the location of the Hong Kong International Airport. Today, it is the largest real estate development spot in Asia. Billions are going into new cruise ship terminals, hotels, apartments and businesses there.

    I am the original owner of the domain and hand registered it in the late 90’s for a free email system I ran.


  9. One word, industry specific .com; – $2500

    BTW Elliot, after you’ve made your choice, may I ask that for those of us whose name isn’t chosen, is there any way you can scrub these names/prices…I wouldn’t want an end user seeing it at a later date?

  10. ManagementTraining .org $2500

    Just for reference, appraises it at $8,300. offers up 43 great leads with an extra keyword in front of the domain.

    I just learned today that LeadRefs will email the list of leads.

    Great service!

  11. ImmigrationCheck

    Huge current political topic. Key part of recent federal programs; passed as a law by many state & local governments; and increasingly used by private employers. More than 300K exact Google results for this phrase. Reg’d since 2003.


  12. Without looking at the metrics, employing only Go-Go-Gadget-General-Knowledge, I’m going to assume “Hyperbaric Chambers” is a high CPC sort of thing and other TLDs are taken.

    For $995, even if you mined out every end user on earth, that could probably developed out to beat that in a year.

    Recently bought and haven’t bothered to do anything with the old site that was on it (it was P1P6’ish for the term). I know deep Technical Divers have those on board to counteract decompression sickness and they ain’t cheap.

    • I think I am going to make the contest a bit more diplomatic. I will choose what I believe are the 5 best domain names (considering the price) and will set up a poll for you guys to vote the best deal that will get the promotion.

  13. Hi Elliot,
    Not that you would have picked my name:, but I am guessing just listing it on your site this morning made the sale.

    Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

    Brian Cundy

  14. Great idea Elliot.

    Valleys (.com of course): US $195,000

    Website included if desired.

    Price good only until March 15th, 2012.

    Independently valued at $750,000 by the industry respected pricing experts at BuyDomains.

  15. Elliot,

    I just wanted to bring your attention to what happens when everybody is included in this industry. This post is a shining example of what a blog should be all about. Open it up to everyone. Secondly, I recall giving you the idea to use this place to sell domains, and you rejected it, I hope you will reconsider. You may delete this post as soon as you read it, it’s not on topic, I had no other way to give this opinion.

  16. @ Uzoma

    I don’t want to run/manage a sales venue. If I did, I would have some responsibility if someone backed out of a deal or scammed someone. Not worth the lost sleep, especially when there are lots of other venues. I’m already struggling to find the best name, and I don’t want to have “customer service” issues as all venues have.

  17. $5500 (12year Aged Domain)

    Profitable parked 12year Aged Domain with the words Music & Deal in them. Averaging around $26 – $30 month parked at this time. Getting Very Targeted traffic for musical instruments.

    Was looking for someone to Develop a Music Instruments Daily Deal site like or Coupon deals site, but have no time these days. If Developed this Targeted musical instruments Domain should be worth xx,xxx to xxx,xxx.

    I want to remove my earlier submit of & replace with this I tried to email you Elliot just after I listed to do this, but I guess things are a little crazy at this time.

    I hope this doesn’t take me out of the running.

  18. Hi Elliot

    maybe i won’t get picked, but like another posted mentioned, maybe i’ll get some inquiries via this thread. > BIN Price @ $85K **

    Note: Month to Month Open End Lease, or Lease To Own Options are available, if interested.

    ** includes and if sold @ BIN

    Good Luck to all the entrants!!

  19. – $1,500

    [krap-yuh-luhns] Excessive indulgence; debauchery; intemperance; Indisposition caused by excessive eating or drinking.

    Example: “Smithers had thwarted my earlier attempt to take candy from a baby, but with him out of the picture, I was free to wallow in my own crapulence.” -Mr. Burns

  20. $4,200
    1998 Birthdate
    .net, org, info taken
    previously a Greenwich CT agent website. Ideal Leadgen.

    • I am going to set up a poll tomorrow with my top 5 choices, and you guys will select the contest winning domain name that will be promoted with a sponsored headline on

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