“Lin”Sane Number of Domain Names Registered

I am somewhat torn with respect to the sudden rise to fame for the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin. The undrafted Harvard University graduate is the first Chinese American to play in the NBA. However, he plays for the New York Knicks, and as an avid Boston sports fan, it’s not easy to root for anything related to NY sports.

With Mr. Lin’s early success comes countless people trying to cash in on the point guard’s fame. Someone in California (apparently with no relationship to Lin) has  filed for a trademark on the term, “Linsanity.”

Several news outlets  reported  that Mr. Lin’s former basketball coach registered Linsanity.com a couple of years ago, and is selling Jeremy Lin-related shirts (if you don’t type in the www it goes to a Go Daddy landing page). Kinda strange in my opinion.

There appear to be many other domain registrations also attempting to cash in on Mr. Lin’s fame:

  • Linsanity.com
  • Linfatuation.com
  • LinderellaStory.com
  • Linspirational.com
  • Linsation.com
  • Linsational.com
  • LinKnicks.com
  • JeremyLinKnicks.com
  • HarvardHurricane.com
  • JeremyLinja.com
  • Linceptional.com
  • Linvincible.com
  • SuperLintendo.com
  • MrLincredible.com

I hope Jeremy Lin continues to perform well and defy the odds. I do hope the Knicks lose though. 🙂

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. @Domains

    It’s especially tough having doormen who are diehard NY fans. Coming back after the Super Bowl wasn’t easy 🙂

    It was good living here in 2004 and 2007, but lately it’s been tough. I do wear my Red Sox hat pretty much everywhere I go.

  2. Knicks Lin again tonight… that’s their 7th victory Lin a row with Jeremy at the point…the buzz is spreading all over the Linternet… a very Linteresting situation !

    I might even apply for the .LIN gTLD

  3. Its funny Elliot I did a post last week on the Linsanity. The word was regged in .com since 2010, but net/org/biz/us/me/tv/asia/info/cc/ and even .mobi got regged last week. Seems like wasting money, Linsanity.cc ?

  4. To be Fair you are kinda biased seeing that you are not a fan or as Linsane over the rise of Jeremy Lin as others are. I think its all fun to see these names. Life is short- don’t be too tight over the names. I mean this is a rare thing and very refreshing not just for the knicks, but for asia- the NBA on a whole to be honest- and fans. I saw a handful of names on ebay of all places that are quite good, so they are not all wasteful. I think getting the rights to the name is questionable, but people buying and reselling or using names for fan site is as old as the domain boom. hey, it’s their money-let them spend it how they choose. Its 8-12 bucks per a name. no body complains about the stoogies on MTV etc crashing luxury cars for fun- as far as i know some of you complainers go to the movies to watch these stoogies. People did the same with occupy wall street etc so it makes no sense to act so amazed and surprised that this is happening. I am 100% sure that if some of you typed in Linsanity.com today and it was available-you would buy the name. Don’t be a hypocrite here. It’s all fun! It’s Lintagious man! I think i caught it… help!!!

    • “I am 100% sure that if some of you typed in Linsanity.com today and it was available-you would buy the name. Don’t be a hypocrite here. ”

      @ R

      You don’t know me very well then. I don’t buy names like this, and I very rarely even buy “trend” names that aren’t worth much of anything.

  5. “You don’t know me very well”- No kidding! I am pretty sure Linsanity is worth something- That’s a fact! Some trends are more than a passing wind. They may eventually pass but they had impact,meaning, demand etc. Occupy Movement is unpredictable-it’s probably even dead, but people who bought a direct domain name such as occupywallstreet.com, occupywallst.com, occupywallst.org etc got payed at-least $8000. Even unrelated occupy names got banked on. Fact! Jeremly lin, linsanity is trending right now- fact! But its not merely his skills that causing a buzz- Its the impact he is having on the NBA(refreshing-rare player of his ethnicity-bankable etc)- Asia- New York-Knicks-stereotypes-the tendency to mostly train tall players in Asian countries is now question-etc.. This is not making him a God-he didn’t expect this-he just happen to be at the right place at the right time,etc. he has accomplished nothing tested yet, but he is to asia as Usain bolt is to Jamaica. And I repeat( Not with the same merits). I don’t know how long this will last, but i do know the impact he is having now. And it’s definately enough to say Linsanity is worth something. Actually- it’s already a brand.

  6. @ Elliot Silver

    You can make that argument for your quote: “Everything is worth something” Especially because you used the word everything. You are somewhat right in that regard but not in this context. Why? I never said “everything”. How dod you translate “Linsanity to that? “when you take the text out of the word “Context” you are left with a con- arguments that are way off track. I was specific. Example of another specific- A Ford or chevy truck is worth something- Fact! An Ipod is worth something-Fact! Now it might not be worth much or anything to a particular person, but that does not change the fact that it has worth. If something can be proven- you cant say its an opinion. That’s like me saying- Its my opinion that the United States is recovering from a recession. Or I don’t like garlic so its my opinion that it doesnt have worth. No- Thats a fact. Obama is black- fact! Hillary is white-fact! Hens lay egss-Fact! Roosters don’t fact! The egg is worth something-fact! Somethings are fact or reality and not opinions or fantasy.

  7. @ R

    I think you are spending way more time and brain power on this than is necessary. Personally, I don’t care what it’s worth. I think it’s a neat story and wish the guy the best (although I hope his team loses).

    Have a good weekend.

  8. It didn’t take much brain power lol, but i agree it’s time to conclude this. All respect due, but I hope the Celtics loses too.

    Take it easy.


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