Exact Match .com Domains in Inc. 5000 List

The 2104  Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in the United States was released this week, and I thought it would be interesting to have a look at the exact match domains (EMD) in .com that are on the list. I was able to search using “.com” as the keyword, and listed below  are the companies that I consider exact match .com domain names.

There are many companies that have .com in their name, but I only included the names I felt were keyword domain names. For example, I did not include CardCash.com because that seems more like a brand than an exact match .com. This isn’t a scientific look at the results, so other people might have added more or fewer companies to the list depending on their definition of EMD.

EMDs in the 2014 Inc. 5000 list (in order of appearance):

  • SearchMarketers.com
  • SeniorHomes.com
  • Billiards.com
  • InsideSales.com
  • Coupons.com
  • Beyond.com
  • Phone.com
  • Bodybuilding.com
  • Climber.com
  • PlasticPrinters.com
  • Exploring.com
  • Confirmation.com
  • HomeExchange.com
  • GiftCards.com
  • DiscountMugs.com
  • GolfBalls.com
  • AgentMarketing.com
  • Bulbs.com
  • DiplomaFrame.com
  • BakeryEquipment.com

If you think I missed an exact match .com domain name, you are welcome to share it. I only included companies that are known by their domain name. There are likely companies that use the keyword domain name for their url, but if they didn’t include the .com in their brand name, they weren’t included in the list above.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. Exact Match is old school. Only 20 EMD’s out of 5000 choices. Brandable domains are the future. Here are some from only the first 100 choices on the list. Imagine if I checked all 5000 listed. Brands are king!


    • Brandables are the way to go until you the $$ to buy the respective exact match, whether it’s 1 word or 2+. You may not necessarily rebrand using the EMD, but it’s not a “bad thing” to have.

  2. Some of those are really nice names, but, others are brutal. I checked a few of the worst names (in my opinion) and a couple of them are just forwarding to other domains (aseptia, affectiva)

  3. RestaurantWare.com #366
    LabTechSoftware.com #354
    LocalSearchForDentists.com #357
    OutdoorTechnology.com #329
    OnSiteCareClinics.com #339
    ProgressiveDentalMarketing.com #398
    LatinMarkets.org $425
    ContentMarketingInstitute.com #460
    AmericanAddictionCenters.org #474

  4. CustomCable.com #663
    ApartmentList.com #752
    DependableTransportation.com #748
    TwoToasters.com #787
    OakmontHomeBuilders.com #746
    OnDeck.com #726
    TransportationImpact.com #728
    SustainableSupply.com #785
    Dope.com #356

  5. NationalCorporateHousing.com #878
    KeepCalling.net #885
    ShoeCenter.com #872
    WholesaleWarranties.com #854
    DevelopIntelligence.com #860
    Gazelle.com #1004
    Vitals.com #1128
    WholesaleScreening.com #1116
    Livestream.com #1133
    FlipFlopShops.com #1120
    InsideSales.com #1157

  6. Feedback, please.

    An Exact Match Keyword Domain, to me, is a meaningful word or phrase that is common enough, that it can’t be taken away in a UDRP. Lab Tech Software, or Onsite Care Clinics, could be a generic category, yet, those companies use it as a company name. Beyond.com could apply to alot of things, but is used for career search site. Anything with, “the,” in front of it, I wouldn’t use, because, “the,” makes the phrase or word a trademark, such as, thedomains.com . . .

    Whirlpool Appliances uses two EMDs to promote its business that I know of:

    Whirlpool is a meaningful word, but is a brand in the context of appliances.

    Vitals.com is pretty meaningful for a health company! Great brand! But, it is really a brand.

    If someone regsitered TwoToasters.com ahead of the company, for whatever reason, I don’t think it could be taken away in a UDRP . . . On the other hand, it isn’t a common phrase. Maybe it doesn’t apply. Maybe I would delete that one.

    Livestream got to be a term! I don’t know if it is in the dictionary, yet, but Live Stream is either a noun or a verb that is generic . . .

    Are there any you object to, in my lists?

  7. Curse.com #1457
    BoxOfficeTicketSales.com #1426
    LitigationServices.com #1526
    Stimulant.io #1509
    FreshLunches.com #1737

    LitigationServices.com or FreshLunches.com look like they could be in Top Notch Domains, Elliot Silver’s portfolio, that he finds and upsells.

    LegalCopyServices.com #1878 <== That's another one! Generic EMD, right?
    Mondo.com #1840

    • Okay. Thanx for qualifying. Then your definition of exact match domain is, it has a certain popularity on Google searches, as a keyword.

      Funny! I thought, LegalCopyServices.com might be your taste in a domain name, if it was the right price. It’s generic enough.

    • With quotes, Google supplies only 4800 search results on, “legal copy services.” But, there is more than one company that supplies that service:

      Legal Copy Services for Federal Court and State Court

      Color Printing and Legal Copy Services New York

      which supplies, “Legal Copy Services and Electronic Discovery,” and has a 212 area code, and is located in the financial district – don’t you miss NY?

      It might not be a popular search term, but legal copy services is exact match, to me, because companies use it in their description! Just one company snagged the dot com for its company name.

    • Will you please change your mind, and say Legal Copy Services is an EMD, because here is another company that specifies its

      Legal Copy Services
      Pages Checked for Accuracy
      Color Copying
      Wide Format Copying
      Trial Exhibits
      Graphic Design Services
      Labor-intensive Copying
      Bates Numbering
      Medical Records Expertise

  8. It’s like you supplied a list of end users, @ Elliot! Thanx!

    Interesting real life choices of brand and domain name in those lists. It is a good exercise, just for observing private company names and their domain names, which often don’t match.

  9. I never know what to make of exact match domain names. Google also recently spoke about getting stricter on those type of names lending weight towards a brandable one, however what about genuine sites owning exact match names?

    I have a few exact match names but have become a little put off them since Google’s updates, but then again I think they are worth something. I feel torn in two about them! :/

    Ever since the new TLD have come out, you could buy a whole new range of exact matched domain names.


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