Color .com Domain Name Sale Prices (Updated)

I regularly receive offers and inquiries for As you probably know, lilac is a color in the purple family in addition to being a shrub / flower.

Just like every other type of domain name, most offers I receive for this domain name aren’t even close to being in the ballpark of value or previous offers. To avoid annoying back and forth discussions with buyers who don’t know much about domain names, I regularly share the reported sale prices of other color related domain names. I thought I would share this list here to give people an idea of how color-related domain names sell, but perhaps selfishly, to also see if readers know about other documented color .com sales.

Here is a compiled list of color .com domain names that I found that have been sold and reported publicly. If you know of any other color .com domain name sales, please share them in the comment section along with the source of the sale information and I will add them to the list.

Note: This color .com sale list is regularly updated.

Publicly reported color .com domain name sales: sold for $3,300,000 – source sold for approximately $2,700,000 – source sold for $1,250,000 – source sold for $900,000 – source sold for $875,000 – source sold for $800,000 – source sold for $500,000 – source sold for $350,000 – source sold for $300,000 – source sold for $250,000 – source sold for $195,000 – source sold for $180,000 – source sold for $160,000 – source sold for $100,000 – source sold for $100,000 – source sold for $75,000 – source sold for $67,500 – source sold for $65,000 – source sold for $27,500 – source sold for $26,500 – source

There are a few things to keep in mind as you look at this list:

1) Many domain name sales are private and their prices are unreported. I know of a few sales based on my inquiries and even my company’s sales, but their prices are either private and/or I do not know the exact sale prices.

2) Quite a few of the domain names on the list have alternate meanings, and the color might actually be the less important meaning. For example, not only is Tangerine a color but it is more commonly known for being a fruit. Violet is a flower and it is also a color.

3) Some of the domain names on the list may have sold more than once, and the reported sale price above is actually lower than the recent sale price.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. As reported in one of your articles

    I just learned that Media Options successfully flipped, a domain name the company privately acquired in December of 2012. The company acquired the domain name for $195,000

    Even though you don’t know how much he flipped it for you at least know he bought it for $195,000 so you can add that to your list.

  2.,, Are you serious???
    Im not saying that is not a good domain, in fact is a cool brandable name but do you think that the buyer of paid over 3 Million Dollars because its also a color???
    Most of the names you listed are either fruits or were sold at the reported prices nit because the buyer had the color association in mind.

    • My intent was to create a somewhat comprehensive list of color .com domain names that have publicly sold. Yes, of course and others sold because of their other meanings. However, it wouldn’t make sense to not include a domain name like because of the way it is being used. Additionally, some buyer will eventually pay more than the mid $xx,xxx offers I turned down for, and I doubt it will be to sell shrubs or flowers, which is the primary meaning of lilac.

      Finally, more to your point, I mentioned a few caveats below the list including the following:

      “2) Quite a few of the domain names on the list have alternate meanings, and the color might actually be the less important meaning. For example, not only is Tangerine a color but it is more commonly known for being a fruit. Violet is a flower and it is also a color.”

  3. I am afraid I have to agree with Otto, most of these shouldn’t be on the list, soon as I saw it, it just doesn’t look right. I understand what you’re saying, but you can say that for a lot of things. I agree Lilac is first thought of as a colour but things like Plantinum and Raspberry? C’MON!
    You should have stuck to the top 20/25 Main Colours in the spectrum not colours you would find on the side of a paint can.
    Also you’re heading is a bit misleading as well, at first glance I thought you were talking about the sale of . You should have put Color Dot Com etc….
    Sorry to be picky but you have had a high standard for years but in the last few years…..

  4. I have to agree with Jordan and Otto. Ask 100 people what they think of when you say Lilac and 90 will say the plant. But without doubt Lilac is a great name, just came across as an article to show and prove the value of Lilac

  5. You may consider actually grouping the domain in a more generic nature:

    Generic term
    Openness (trademarks)

    Then compare it to sold and available inventory in the fitting nature. That is what I’d do if I were a buyer.

    From a past sales aspect, you can start by length:

    Since mainly the top of that list, either is a service or product, IMO you can not relate to those sales. As it gets more generic in nature like Earth, Drink, Image, Brand, Brown, Clash, Floor etc, IMO it becomes more comparable.

    Then add in term popularity, openness and general “feel” to the term and gauge if your domain is worth more or less than a similar reported sale.

    What is available on the market and what is my competition and pricing?

    That is really how you should price it and compare it IMO.

  6. OMGosh, the people are so critical, must be TRUMPSTER supporters…

    Next will come the FAKE NEWS about color domain names and MEME’s galores.

    How come I can’t post MEME’s? It makes me sad!

    Then again FAKE News and Bad News and Hate news, gets people elected so it should help your website!!


    • My Dad had some around when I was a kid. It’s used like cologne. Fortunately rarely opened. Tried it myself. Absolutely unbearably revolting – gag. To this day the thought of it is cringe-worthy.

      I love water too.

      One of the biggest crimes against humanity and society is the forced involuntary fluoridation of the water supply. It is extremely harmful and bad. It is also forced medication of people and is unwarranted and unnecessary. An example of political correctness and insanity in government. In other places like India, for instance, they can even overdue it to terrible extremes resulting in very serious consequences. And that’s just one of the pollutants.

  7. Am I correct that the highest price that the simple word green sold for was $22,701 at Nidoma for the .it extension back 2014-04-09? (Namebio database information). I realize that your list is of .com only, is why it is not included, just surprised that the word green has never sold in a publicly reported sale. I see that green(.)com does not direct anywhere now. The archive machine showed it was active somewhat back in 2008-2009. Now that is some prime internet real estate going unused!


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