Check All Marketplaces for the Best Price


As I recently mentioned, I have been using quite a bit lately to search for domain names to buy. Others have touted its great search functionality, and searching it has become a part of my daily routine.

After doing many searches of the different domain name sales marketplaces with various filters set, I have noticed there are pricing discrepancies at different marketplaces. A domain name may be listed for sale on GoDaddy for $14,999 and listed on Sedo for $4,000. It may also be listed via Epik for $14,999. The domain name landing page may have a different price altogether. There are quite a few domain names that have come up that are listed on different marketplaces at different price points.

There may be good reasons for listing at different price points at different marketplaces. In some cases, commission rates may vary so the buyer is ensuring that the net proceeds are similar depending on where the name is sold. A more popular marketplace may see the domain name priced higher since there is a greater chance the domain name will sell there and that would drive more revenue. Finally, the buyer may prefer to sell at one market place over others because of the ease of sale or speed of payment, so the domain name may have a better price at the preferred platform.

The most likely reason for pricing discrepancies, in my opinion, is a seller simply forgot to update pricing or didn’t feel like updating the price on one platform or the other. There have been numerous times where I increased or decreased a price on my landing pages but did not touch the Afternic listings.

Whatever the reason for price differences, it makes sense for buyers to search the different marketplaces to find the best price for a domain name. Visiting the domain name may also yield a better price.


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