Chat Roulette: Everybody’s Doing It

Apparently, has become an Internet sensation, visited by millions of people in the last few weeks. There have been plenty of stories in the mainstream media covering it, and one of the funniest was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (clip embedded below).

One way to know a website is a hit is to see all the typos that have been recently registered:


There are hundreds of other typos that are registered, too. The real reason for this post is to share the funny video. Enjoy.

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Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I looked into registering some Chat Roulette typos a few weeks ago and all the good ones were already gone.

    I noticed while I researching that Axe had one of the typos redirected to a funny YouTube video promoting their brand. Excellent, smart move on Axe’s part. I’ll bet that $8 has the highest ROI of their entire marketing campaign.

  2. I was betting on who would do the first story on chatroulette and had my money on Fusible. It’s one of the hottest things on the internet right now except for Justin Beiber. I’m putting a website together of funny snapshots from Chat Roulette. There’s some crazy #hit going on over there. LOL

  3. those chatroullette typos make good coin.

    oh and you should warn anyone who doesn’t know about chatroulette that they will be seing quite a few penises so be prepared.

  4. John Stewart and his writers are pretty amazing.

    He got all those news people lined up for that bit. Pretty impressive.

    How does anyone get any work done with facebook, twitter, now chat roulette? If American’s got paid for wasting time we’d have a lot more millionaires in this country 🙂

  5. gotta love the daily show. i love how they put together those ‘talking head montages’ that always show a dozen different news anchors all using the ‘exact’ same talking points/headlines … to me its so funny, like they’re all fighting to be the lowest common denominator.

  6. Elliot,

    I realize the power of chatroulette. I have an entire website that’s full of chat roulette screenshots (unfortunately I’m being serious) It’s an amazing fad and I wasn’t making fun just having fun


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