CBD.com: “It’s not for sale”


The Boston Globe published an article about Christian Book Distributors, a company that branded itself as CBD before CBD became a household name for the popular and widely used, cannabidiol. The Christian book publisher and distribution company owns the brand match CBD.com domain name. Smartly, the company also owns ChristianBook.com, which it uses for its website. CBD.com forwards to ChristianBook.com.

With the rise in availability and the increasing awareness of CBD (the product), the Christian book company deemphasized its CBD branding. The Boston Globe article discusses the impact CBD (the product) has on the Boston-area company and how its branding needed to change as CBD products became more popular and widely used.

From reading about the book company, one might wonder if Christian Book Distributors would be willing to sell the valuable CBD.com domain name. According to the founder of the company, “it’s not for sale,” although it was noted that the company receives inquiries and offers almost daily.

I don’t really know if this means the company will absolutely not consider selling the asset under any circumstance, or if it means the company is not actively looking to sell the domain name but would consider selling if a large enough offer is made. I would imagine it’s the later because just about everything is obtainable if someone is willing to spend the money to convince the owner to part with it.

In my opinion, CBD.com could be worth 7 figures (or possibly more) to the right company. As a comparable reported sale, CBDOil.com reportedly sold for over $500,000 earlier this year. In addition, CBD.co reportedly sold for $50,000 in 2018. There are over 400 public domain name sales in the last 5 years with CBD in them, according to NameBio.

While it remains to be seen whether or not CBD.com will eventually sell, the owners have a popular domain name that will likely continue to grow in value.


  1. Nice post, I was laughing when I checked this domain a couple of month ago and ended up on a Christian book site. CBD.com is the crytpo.com of 2019. I believe that eventually it will sell too.

  2. Even with parking being in the state it’s in today, I’m confident you could make 7 figures a year alone just from parking it. Definitely with only *slightly* more time and effort beyond the zero effort it requires to park.

    So I’m thinking the real “worth” is 8 figures minimum, not 7.

    I tried to buy a great domain in a very similar situation recently, no dice. Even offered to trade a famous domain for it.

  3. Crypto.com wasn’t for sale either. Wonder where the former professor and his wife are after finally selling the domain, Bali? Sailing the world? Early retirement from tenured professorship.
    Any predictions on when CBD.com sells? My guess – 2020. They own ChristianBook.com — really all they need to sell books at the same rate.

  4. I agree, Mark, It will sell. But I understand the owner’s sentiments — hard to get always drives up value. They won’t sell ChristianBook.com as that’s the business, brand, etc. The sale of CBD will be a major windfall for the owner(s) –

  5. they turned down a low 7figs offer from me…

    the smart move would be for apollo.com to try and trade them cb.com for cbd.com then build it out…
    win-win scenario …

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