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Abdu Tarabichi emailed a few industry colleagues this morning to let us know he suspected that the domain name may have recently sold. Abdu, who runs a beauty/fashion brand with an account on, received an email letting him know the company moved its website to There is now a different logo on announcing that something will be coming soon.

I quickly recalled that Media Options had recently listed in its newsletter. In March, the domain name held a $1.2 million asking price. I reached out to Andrew via Skype, and he confirmed that his company brokered the sale of this domain name. Here’s what Andrew told me this morning:

“Glad we were able to sell for the seller and I think we found a perfect buyer. What was shocking was the number of very well funded venture backed startups called “Bloom” who didn’t have the leadership and vision to step up and buy their exact brand match domain. Now its #OffTheMarketForever…”

I asked Andrew if he could share the sale price of, but he told me he is unable to comment about the price. Due to Whois privacy that is enabled, I am not able to see who acquired the domain name. is currently registered at GoDaddy.

I did a quick search on LinkedIn for “,” and I only see the company that had been using prior to the sale. I also looked at some of the logos for companies called “Bloom,” and I do not see any that match the logo on the landing page. We will have to wait to see how the domain name will be used to learn more about who acquired


  1. So, if this very example shows that a company can downgrade its URL to earn some money, why use the slogan “OffTheMarketForever”? Events like this should become more and more common in the future, pretty much like any offline business can move from A class office to B and back.

  2. Yes, if you want to put a big smile on your lovely woman’s face: give her a premium domain like Unlike roses, the bloom just gets better and better.

    • You can do a Google image search for something like Bloom logo.

      I searched LinkedIn for companies called Bloom and looked at the small logos to see if anything seemed to match.

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